October 29, 2020
Fujitsu Frontech Limited

Fujitsu Frontech launches a new UHF RFID garment tag for clothing and uniform rental markets

New garment tag enables fast, low cost installation with existing heat seal labels

Tokyo, October 29, 2020 – Fujitsu Frontech Ltd. announced it has newly developed a UHF RFID garment tag that enables garment, uniform and workwear rental companies to easily migrate their business to include the efficiencies of UHF RFID to realize sophisticated garment tracking and asset management. In some healthcare institutions suffering from COVID-19, there is a movement to reuse hospital uniforms and others instead of throwing them away, so in order to manage them strictly, the demand for contactless and bulk readable RFID solutions is growing. We will launch this product globally starting with Japan and North America with other regions to follow. The new, low cost, garment tag is so thin, it can easily be attached to rental garments including uniforms and work clothes using existing heat seal labels or attached with a sew-on label or pouch. Fujitsu Frontech provides washable UHF RFID tags in total in conjunction with readers/writers and data management cloud platforms.

 Unlike other washable UHF RFID tags, the new Fujitsu garment tag is only 0.6mm thick, so that it can be easily attached to a garment unobtrusively. The tag is designed for typical garment industrial laundry and dry-cleaning equipment and process. As with Fujitsu linen tags, the garment tag uses advanced antenna technology that allows for reading hundreds of items while reducing mis-reads of nearby tags.

 Fujitsu washable tags drive efficiency in the garment rental industry by simplifying inventory management, tracking garments through the laundry process, improving inventory accuracy, while reducing costs associated with incorrect shipments.

 The new garment tags have an adhesive backing allowing the tag to be placed directly on the heat seal label before being attached to the garment. This eliminates mis-attaching labels and costly rework. Users can continue to use their existing heat seal label equipment and labels. For ease of use, tags are attached on a release-paper roll to simplify operator handling.

 Fujitsu washable UHF RFID tag technology is already widely used for individual linen management in various businesses throughout the world, such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, hotels, food and beverage, garment and linen rental service providers, transportation and distribution services, and entertainment and amusement companies. The new garment tag will make RFID technology applicable to markets where low cost and fast attachment are required.


1. Achieved thickness of 0.6mm

We achieved a tag thickness of 0.6mm, allowing the tag to be attached inconspicuously to a variety of rental clothes.

2. Maintaining durability required in the garment market

It has durability to withstand about 100 cycles of typical garment industrial laundry and dry-cleaning process (excluding high pressure water extractors).

3. Realized stable communication performance and low prices

Fujitsu's state-of-the-art antenna technology realized stable communication performance that is not impacted by the common problems associated with washable RFID tag technology, including distance, variations in quality, and deterioration by washing.

4. Low cost

Fujitsu's fully automated mass production manufacturing systems allow for low cost tags.

Main Items to be Attached

Uniforms, Worker Wear, Shirts, Slacks, Shoes and Accessories (for food and beverage providers, manufacturing plants, healthcare institutions, hotels, etc.).

Price and Launch Date, and Shipping Date

Product namePrice (w/o tax)Launch dateShipping date
TFU-TD2BxB (In Japan)Open priceOctober 29The End of November
WT-A533G (Outside Japan)Open priceOctober 29The End of November

Sales Target

We are targeting to sell 30 million garment tags in the next 3 years (including Japan and overseas).

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