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November 25, 2019

Fujitsu Frontech launches 7mm wide washable UHF RFID tag globally

We realized 30% miniaturization and improved environmental resistance while maintaining communication performance

 On November 25, Fujitsu Frontech Ltd. launches globally more compact washable UHF RFID tag that enables the individual products management by attaching to uniforms, work clothes, and linen products. Our tag has had stable communication performance with advanced antenna technology, even when they have been overlapped and densely packed. This time, while maintaining the performance, we have achieved 30% miniaturization in size to 7mm wide and we have further improved environmental resistance of conventional products, such as waterproofing and pressure, heat, and alkaline cleaning resistance. The miniaturization makes it easy to attach to thin uniforms and linen products, which were difficult with the previous models, enabling us to expand the range of applications.
 In April 2018, we shipped a cumulative total of 100 million washable tags. As of the end of October 2019, we had shipped a cumulative total of 150 million washable tags, and we are currently expanding sales globally.

 In December 2006, we launched the world’s first washable UHF tag which combines the features of UHF RFID tags, such as long communication distances and high durability for use in commercial laundry environments. Since then, customers in hotels, transportation, logistics, linen supply, medical institutions, and amusement industries around the world have used our tags to manage individual items such as uniforms and linen products. To expand its range of applications, we developed the new washable tag that realized miniaturization in size to 7mm wide and are improved environmental resistance, and we made it easy to attach the tags through enhancing the latitude of attached parts, such as thin fabrics and thin tubular sewn parts.

The Features of New Washable UHF RFID Tag

1. Realize miniaturization in size to 7mm wide

The 30% miniaturization in size to 7mm wide enables the tags to be attached to various clothes, towels, sheets and thin textile products more easily and inconspicuously than before.

2. Improve environmental resistance further

The tag is excel in various environmental resistance, such as waterproofing and pressure, heat, and alkaline cleaning resistance, and can stand about 200 times cleaning cycles (Wash→spin-dry→finish). Above all, the tag can stand pressure dehydration wash at a maximum pressure of 60 bars (*1), to wash linen supplies (Towels, sheets, covers, etc.) in hotels and hospitals.

3. Stable bulk reading

Even when about 100 clothes with the washable tags are packed in a sack and the tags are overlapped and densely gathered, they keep stable communication performance with advanced antenna technology and realize bulk reading with high accuracy.

Main Items to be Attached

Clothing in general, uniforms, work clothes, linens (Towels, sheets, covers, etc.), mats, mops, bedding, etc.

Selling Price, Launch Date, and Shipping Date

Type nameSelling priceLaunch dateShipping date
TFU-TC5BxBOpen price25, November onwardEnd of December

Sales Goal

We are aiming to sell 100 million UHF band RFID washable tags in the next 2 years (Including Japan and overseas).

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  • *1:
    bar is a unit of pressure; one bar equals about one atmospheric pressure. 60 bar is equivalent to about 20 tons of pressure applied to a 20 cm diameter circle.

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