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Smart Device Solutions

Smart Device Solutions

With the explosive growth of smartphones and tablet devices, company work styles have changed significantly. Fujitsu Marketing starts providing "Smart Device Solutions" with the aim of strengthening business in smart devices for the medium-size business market based on the concept of "a secure and easy-to-use business environment on all smart devices".


Smart Device Solution Configuration Chart

This "Smart Device Solution" is provided as a one-stop solution from device selection to network configuration, security measures, and maintenance services based on the two pillars of interlinked communication and interlinked business systems.

Service Lineup


Provides the optimal device selection, including ARROWS and various Android, iPhone/iPad, and Windows tablets.

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Straight PCs
  • Personal handsets

Infrastructure, authentication, and security

Provides "Managed VPN light" which securely connects access from various devices and internal company wireless LAN environment configuration.

  • Remote access
  • Wireless LAN configuration
  • Authentication system
  • Private handset measures (BYOD)

Interlinked communication

Provides various solutions offering interlinking with internal lines including web conferencing solutions for smooth communication inside and outside the office.

  • Web conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Attendance display
  • Secure phone function

Interlinked business systems

Offers interlinking with various business systems including email and schedulers, information systems, sales management, logistical stock management, receiving order (EDI), SFA, and attendance management.

  • Remote desktop
  • Content transformation
  • DaaS
  • Core interlinking adapters

MDM terminal management

Solves security problems in the utilization of smart devices for business with a variety of solutions.

  • MDM
  • Anti-virus