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"AZSERVICE" is an IT infrastructure solution that is the fruition of the idea of constantly listening to the opinions of our customers and providing services that truly contribute to our customers from installation to operation (from A to Z).


AZSERVICE Configuration Chart

"AZBOX" set product that provides practical solutions backed up by analyzing the needs of 10,000 companies based on the concept of "high quality, easy deployment, reliable support, and reasonable prices", and a variety of software engineering services that provide speedy installation and advanced technology.

Service Lineup


A solution that provides everything required during system installation, including the hardware/software configuration work required for the system configuration, in an all-in-one package.

AZBOX Hyper-V Model

"AZBOX Hyper-V Model" is a virtual system that provides the required applications preconfigured on a virtualized environment built in advance on the servers using the "Hyper-V" virtualization technology from Windows Server 2008 R2.


This is a cloud service that packs in all of the knowledge and experience of Fujitsu Marketing.It offers a cloud security service that is easy to install and operates reliably as well as a reliable and low cost public cloud service.


This is an IT operational service offering to suit our customers' IT environments that packs in the Fujitsu Marketing knowledge and experience with IT operational services.


This is an original network service that packs in all of the knowledge and experience of Fujitsu Marketing.It provides secure WAN communication at low cost.Unified support coverage extends from the lines to the end terminal devices.


Provides solutions for offices that focus on the people, facilities, and eco that are the essential operational resources.