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Terms of Use

About the Fujitsu Marketing (FJM) Portal:

The FJM portal (hereinafter referred to as this Website) is operated by Fujitsu Business Systems Limited and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as the Company) or their agents.

The Company has created this site in consideration of user accessibility and usability based on the Fujitsu Group's "Fujitsu Web Accessibility Guideline" in order to enable many visitors to make use of the site comfortably. We are continuing efforts to improve the contents to introduce solutions in detail and to conduct effective marketing activities on the Web. We integrated the design with that of other Fujitsu Group members and renewed the Website on October 1, 2004.

Limits on Responsibility

The Company cannot guarantee or bear any responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of the contents of this Website. Please be informed that the contents or URL of this Website may be changed or discontinued without prior notice. The Company cannot accept responsibility for any damages caused by changes in the posted information or for suspension or discontinuation of the operation of this Website for any reason whatsoever.


The copyrights for the contents (information, data, images, etc.) of this Website are owned by the Company. Copying, diversion or secondary use of the contents for sales or other purposes without the Company's permission is prohibited, We also forbid any deformation change, addition or revision of the contents.

Establishing Links to This Site

We welcome the creation of links to this Website,

There is no need to contact us before creating a link, regardless of whether it is done for purposes of profit, non-profit or intranet use. We absolutely refuse to accept links from Websites characterized by any of the following, however:

  • Sites containing contents that are intended to detract or erode confidence in the Company, other companies (or their personnel) or other organizations
  • Sites containing contents that are offensive to public order and morals
  • Sites containing adult contents
  • Sites engaging in activities that are illegal or potentially illegal
  • Sites that may cause misunderstanding by third persons - such as by blurring the fact that the contents were created by the Company through such means as presenting this Website inside the framework of another site.

Please follow the procedures below when establishing links:

  1. Fujitsu Marketing Limited.

    < a href="//" >Fujitsu Marketing Limited.< /a >
    ※As concerns the link name, please display the Company name correctly, employing one of the following indications: Fujitsu Marketing Limited., Fujitsu Marketing Ltd., Fujitsu Marketing or FJM.

  2. Banner icon
    < a href="//" >
    < img src="//" alt="" border="0" width="90" height="30" >< /a >
    ※As concerns icons, please specify the URL corresponding to the Company's server. Any other use of icons or copies of icons is prohibited.

  3. Links to individual pages

    Conditions of use may be indicated separately for individual pages, menus or materials. Please follow the specified directions in such cases. Please use the "Inquiry" button on each page to request linkage permission.

Insertions in Publications Such as Magazine Books and Advertisements

Please take a few moments to contact in advance.

Quotation or Diversion of Contents (Information, Data, Images, etc.) from the Company's Server

We do not permit diversion of the contents (information, data, images, audio, etc.) of this Website, whether for reasons of profit, non-profit or intranet use. We do permit quotation, however, when the source is clearly indicated and we consider the purpose reasonable, such as for use in broadcasting. Please take a few moments to contact in advance if you wish to quote our site.


Company and product names mentioned on this Website are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Company or the individual companies concerned.