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GLOVIA delivers "management visualization" and "rapid decision-making" as an ERP solution from Fujitsu with a large number of install base.

Solultion Lineup

GLOVIA smart (for small and mid-sized enterprise (SME))

glovia smart

This is an integrated solution where only the necessary solutions can be chosen and integrated from a rich lineup that supports various business applications such as financial management and human resource management in industries for manufacturing, distribution, retail and service industries.

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GLOVIA smart きらら (for small business)

glovia smart きらら

This is an ERP solution that has a lineup of solutions for sales management, financial management and human resource management.

GLOVIA SUMMIT (for large enterprise)

glovia summit

This is an ERP solution especially for corporate group management, which integrates valuable information for management scattered over member corporations, into a single repository called “FDWH” and make those information visualized and available for management to make rapid and right business decisions.

Features of GLOVIA smart

You can start GLOVIA smart whichever part your business needs. It visualizes your business movement immediately and easily. It resolves your management issues and backs up your business’ growth and success as an integrated ERP solution for SME.

GLOVIA smart product lineup

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GLOVIA smart, as an ERP solution, can be configured with member software packages selected based on your business’ needs and can be linked each other seamlessly in order to build your target system which can respond to changes of business environment dynamically.

GLOVIA smart realizes data integration for management by linking various data each other from front office solutions, back office solutions and solutions specific to industries.