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Greetings from the President

Fujitsu Client Computing was founded in 2016 with the intention of "Providing a computing environment to help enrich your lifestyle".

For the 40 years since the launch of FM -8 in 1981, we have responded quickly to customer needs with an integrated system that includes planning, development, design, manufacturing, sales and support.

In recent years, the customer's ICT environment has become more complex and sophisticated as digital technologies have become widespread to promote so-called digital transformation, which has greatly changed the way people live and work. In this context, we feel that our products and services are becoming increasingly useful because they always exist between data and IT services and customers.

In Japan, an advanced country with a low birth rate and an aging population, we are working to eliminate the digital divide by reducing the number of people left behind in digital technology with "snuggle up to" products. We will also work with our shareholders and business partners, Fujitsu and Lenovo Group, to expand our business globally.

We will continue to work together to create valuable products that will benefit our customers and business partners. We look forward to your continued support.

Fujitsu Client Computing Co., Ltd.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Takeshi Okuma

Corporate Profile

Company NameFujitsu Client Computing Limited
Shinkawasaki Mitsui Building (West Tower) 1-1-2 Kashimada, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 212-0058, Japan[Map新しいウィンドウで表示]
Business Sites
  • Hokkaido [Sapporo], Tohoku [Sendai], Kanto [Saitama], Hokuriku [Kanazawa], Tokai [Nagoya], Kinki [Osaka], Chugoku [Hiroshima, Okayama], Kyushu [Fukuoka], etc.
  • Taiwan Representative Office
Group Companies
Shimane Fujitsu Limited(Japan)
FCCL GmbH(Germany)
RepresentativeRepresentative director and president Takeshi Okuma
Capital400 million yen
FoundationFebruary 1, 2016
  • Lenovo Group Limited 51%
  • Fujitsu Limited 44%
  • Development Bank of Japan Inc. 5%
Major BusinessesPlanning, R&D, designing, manufacturing, sales, maintenance and support of notebook PCs, desktop PCs, etc.
Employees1,080 employees(as of April 2021)
Number of PC Shipments4.000 million units (worldwide total in 2020)


  • Kuniaki SaitoChairman
  • Takeshi OkumaRepresentative Director
    President & CEO
  • Hiroyasu TakedaSenior Executive Vice President & COO
  • Masashi YamadaExecutive Vice President
    Head of Consumer Business Unit
  • Susumu NikawaSenior Vice President & CTO
    Product Management Unit
  • Toshihisa TakashimaExecutive Officer
    Deputy Head of Consumer Business Unit
  • Nanahiro KidaExecutive Officer
    Head of Marketing Unit
  • Yoji HirosueExecutive Officer
    Head of Product Management Unit
  • Shinji YoshidaExecutive Officer
    Head of PRS Business Unit
  • Dieter HeissExecutive Officer
    FCCL GmbH
  • Cathy Fang YiExecutive Officer/CFO
    Head of Business Management Unit
  • Hiroki TakahataExecutive Officer
    Head of Business Operations Unit
  • Non-executive DirectorsKen Wong
    Wai Ming Wong
    Jammi Tu
    Kyoko Mizuguchi
    Yukiko Nanba
  • Statutory AuditorJoey Wong
    Satoshi Watanabe
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