Our Business

From made-in-Japan high quality and planning,
to support, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited makes your lifestyle
even better with our integrated business system.

For Consumer Customers

Making your computing lifestyle even better with products perfectly tailored for today’s increasingly diverse life settings, with an emphasis on interpersonal connections.
We offer customer-centric added value that leverages our nationwide dealer support network andour advantage in integrated manufacturing and sales.

For Corporate Customers

We solve your problems and support your business with customization that leverages the advantage of our integrated business operations throughout Japan.
Our “anytime, anywhere,” “safe and secure” mobility and security technologies deliver workstyles and innovations that take business to the next level.

Peripheral Devices

Our diverse lineup of products offers peace of mind in any business setting from typical office needs to printing for core business operations.
Our displays also come packed with all the latest functions.

Service & Support

Our repair service quickly resolves product problems and headaches.
We also offer peace of mind with our pick-up inspection services, including data restoration for relief whenever the unexpected occurs.

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