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Our ICT offerings

Augmented Reality - Fujitsu Augmented Reality (AR) software enables digital information optimized for the user to be overlaid onto a camera image by targeting an AR marker with a smart device camera. The software supports Fujitsu’s proprietary AR markers that have excellent recognition accuracy with respect to brightness, distances and camera shake. It also allows users to create AR contents through simple drag and drop operations on a client device.

Customer Stories - Overhauling Water Facility Maintenance Using Augmented Reality Technology [Metawater Co., Ltd.]

RFID - Fujitsu's offering has a full range of RFID products such as rugged RFID tags and flexible software as well as application deployment tools. We provide all the components that would be needed for automating the tracking of parts in real time, from attaching RFID tags onto the parts to capturing accurate identification data thru a network of RFID-enabled control points.

Fujitsu RFID solution aims to optimize asset management by increasing visibility and traceability of individual parts in the internal manufacturing and the supply chain processes, especially when it comes to manufacturing operation involving global organizations or multiple players (ex. MRO, Parts supplier, assembly shop and operator), which could help reduce the significant amount of paper-based work.

IP Convergence Platform – With multiple communications platforms including voice, data and video, Fujitsu provides state-of-the-art solution for IP Convergence Platforms ensuring smooth operations for contact centers and help desks.

Data Center and IT Managed Services - Fujitsu excels at delivering industry-leading managed services to operations that span multiple countries and to businesses that require multi-site and multi-environment execution as a regional IT hub. Moreover, we understand that many IT organizations face a number of data center challenges. With over 100 data centers globally, exceeding 1 million square feet of raised floor space, we are able to help manufacturers to deliver the right IT service levels to users effectively and efficiently.

End-to-end ICT infrastructure – With over 80 years of experience in the ICT industry, Fujitsu is the one-stop-shop providers with end-to-end ICT infrastructure comprising servers, storage, client computing, middleware, software, solutions and services, giving manufacturers the peace of mind that their operation is well supported with Fujitsu end-to-end products.