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Why Fujitsu

Fujitsu – a world class manufacturing technology partner

Global Expertise: For over 40 years Fujitsu has partnered manufacturers on a global scale. We have over 100,000 patents worldwide, and have the technology manufacturers need to improve their manufacturing efficiency and expansion into new markets.

Rapid Expansion: Global supply chains need connected infrastructure to increase agility. As supply chain complexity increases, the ability to rapidly develop products and expand into fast growing markets reduces. Fujitsu technology can help manufacturers to overcome the challenges they would face in expanding into international markets.

Secured Supply Chain: For manufacturers operating with large supply chains, security can be a concern. To maximize efficiency there must be a rapid exchange of data with suppliers, and while this can bring huge benefits it is not risk free. As trusted ICT partner to manufacturers, Fujitsu can secure our customers’ supply chain to make it more effective and resilient with world leading security solutions.