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The sale of this product was terminated in February 14, 2020.
The successor products is Brocade G610.

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Brocade 6510

Flexible, easy-to-use enterprise-class SAN switch for Private Cloud storage

The Brocade 6510 Fibre Channel switch offers 16G Fibre Channel speed which is ideal for use in virtualized and heavy I/O traffic environments as well as for high speed SSD technologies.

Brocade 6510

16 G Fibre Channel
  • Meets the demands of virtualized environments and high speed peripherals such as SSD’s and capabilities of highly virtualized environments
Flexible ports on demand
  • “Pay-as-you-grow” scalability
  • 12 Port “Port on Demand” licenses enable for 36 or 48 port usage
Enterprise-class availability features
  • Redundant components (PSU, FAN’s provide improved uptime and hitless operation when repair is needed
Link-testing capabilities
  • Port-to-Port check for link testing ( for cables and structured cabling)
Line encryption
  • Better protection against wire tapping
Hardware compression
  • Improves bandwidth and eases fabric traffic load
Access gateway support
  • Enables large Blade Server farms (Switches in “access gateway” mode do not need a Fibre Channel Domain ID)
  • Allows attachment to Cisco SAN’s

FC Switches

Technology Switch Main Features
Generation 5
(FC 16G)
Brocade 6520 Switch
  • Provides high scalability in an ultra-dense 96-port switch
  • Improved availability and manageability with distributed intelligence across the network
  • Up to eight in-flight encryption and compression ports delivering security and bandwidth savings

Support for Brocade Switches/ExtremeSwitching VDX series