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New Fujitsu Display - The Perfect Basis for Clean Desk Environments

Fujitsu Europe

News facts:
  • New Fujitsu Display P27-9 TS QHD with integrated port replicator ideal for hot desking, does away with unsightly ‘cable salad’
  • One cable to rule them all – a single USB-C cable provides mobile workers with full connectivity to innovative new display, plus network and power
  • Fully ergonomic QHD 27-inch display provides optimum workplace comfort, with ambient brightness adjustment and a 5-in-1 height adjustable stand
Munich, December 10, 2019 – Fujitsu cuts the clutter of shared workspaces with a new display ideal for clean desk environments. Today, a single USB-C cable is all that’s needed to enable a fully-fledged workplace by connecting any notebook, PC, tablet or smartphone to the fully ergonomic Fujitsu Display P27-9 TS QHD.

A USB-C cable offers all the connectivity needed for an immersive working experience, delivering 65 Watts of power, 1Gbit/sec LAN connectivity, audio pass-through and even the ability to toggle the connected notebook or PC’s power on or off using the display’s front power button. Thanks to an integrated port replicator, the display is a USB hub for peripherals such as mice, external keyboards and storage devices. And for desk warriors who need another screen, without any need for a second cable, the new Fujitsu display also has that covered.

Once connected, PCs and notebooks are powered on/off via the display’s power button. This is a particularly convenient option when a mini PC is mounted to the back of the display or even a closed notebook. What’s more, the display has an intelligent presence sensor which can lock the screen when unattended, as well as automatically controlling the brightness of the crisp 27-inch QHD screen, in harmony with ambient lighting conditions.

The single cable revolution means organizations no longer need to invest in separate docking stations or port replicators for hot-desking users. It also reduces unsightly and potentially hazardous cabling.

The Fujitsu Display P27-9 TS QHD also scores highly in terms of ergonomics. Its color-calibrated IPS display features a smart brightness sensor that adjusts to ambient lighting conditions, and a 5-in-1 height adjustable stand ensures that users can find a comfortable working height.

Ruediger Landto, Head of Client Business Europe at Fujitsu, says: “Hot-desking workspaces are a popular option for today’s office worker – but these come at a price, which is the risk of back pain from sustained hunching over a laptop keyboard. The Fujitsu Display P27-9 TS QHD is designed for offices that focus on employee wellbeing and comfort – providing an optimal working set-up, with the added convenience that there is no need for mobile workers to hunt down the appropriate cables when they arrive for work. The display also integrates a port replicator, technology that usually costs around EUR 200 for a stand-alone purchase. This means just a single USB-C cable is enough to enable a fully-fledged, ergonomic working experience for any hot desk user.”

Pricing and availability
The FUJITSU Display P27-9 TS QHD is available to order immediately in European markets, with deliveries from February 20, 2020. Pricing depends on country, starting at around EUR 575 or local equivalent, including sales taxes.

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Date: 10 December, 2019
City: Munich