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New Fujitsu BS2000 SE Infrastructure Underlines Key Role of Mainframe as Digital Transformation Backbone

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News facts:
  • Fujitsu demonstrates continuing commitment to BS2000 mainframe servers with new, future-proof Fujitsu Server BS2000 SE710 and SE310 infrastructures
  • Latest generation offers higher system performance, valuable new customization options, extends SE infrastructure’s core concept to provide basis for flexible, hybrid digital transformation
  • Continued investment in Fujitsu Academy initiatives in Central Europe ensures future expertise and career opportunities in Enterprise Platform Services Infrastructures and mainframe data center technologies
Munich, October 15, 2019 – Fujitsu today announces its latest investment in mainframe computing innovation with the launch of its new, future-proof Fujitsu Server BS2000 SE710 and SE310 infrastructures, designed for new, higher levels of system openness and integration capability. The advanced new infrastructures ensure the continuing attractiveness of mainframes as a highly efficient, secure and reliable platform for digital transformation, with new features that make them even more suitable to act as the basis for flexible, hybrid computing environments.
Enhancements to the latest SE server generation1 enable higher system performance for Fujitsu Server BS2000 and peripherals, introduce important new customization services, and extend the core concept of system openness and ease of integration which is a key attribute of the Fujitsu BS2000 SE family.
Mainframe computing plays vital role in hybrid IT and digital transformation
Mainframe computing remains at the heart of the data center for many organizations, providing the backbone for mission critical applications where high performance, security and reliability are essential. The ultra-flexibility of the new BS2000 SE710 and SE310 infrastructures make them ideal for hybrid mainframe architectures, and support cutting-edge innovation for digital transformation projects integrating state of the art technologies, such as cloud and edge computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data management, DevOps as well as data center management and automation.
Fujitsu invests to ensure mainframe careers and skills into the future
Fujitsu’s extensive program to future-proof BS2000’s role in hybrid IT environments includes continued investment in the Fujitsu Academy initiatives in Central Europe. Ongoing initiatives focusing on Fujitsu’s Enterprise Platform Services – the mainframe business – are successfully developing BS2000 skills among IT specialists at all levels, ensuring future expertise and career opportunities in mainframe and data center technologies.
Dr. Rolf Strotmann, Head of Enterprise Platform Services, Fujitsu Central and Eastern Europe, says: “As the world of technology continues to change, we are introducing enhancements to the BS2000 SE line-up that will keep mainframes at the core of the data center of the future. Our BS2000 line is distinguished through its system openness and integration capabilities, making it uniquely capable of supporting and extending hybrid environments. The new BS2000 SE310 and SE710 infrastructures, together with Fujitsu’s ongoing commitment to training the next-generation of mainframe specialists at our Fujitsu Academy, demonstrate our continuing long-term commitment to mainframe data center technology, which we see as a crucial enabler for digital transformation.”
Jochen Brünger, Head of IT Production Continentale Krankenversicherung AG, a leading German private health insurance firm, commented: "We are a long-standing, satisfied Fujitsu customer and have come to know and appreciate the excellent efficiency and absolute reliability of the BS2000 systems over more than 30 years. BS2000 mainframes have the stability, information security and data security we demand and operate highly efficiently, even at high capacity utilization. That's why, in the summer of 2019, we decided to be the first customer to purchase two new Fujitsu BS2000 SE710 servers."
Higher performance, ergonomic redesigns and valuable new services
Important innovations in the new BS2000 SE infrastructure include a boost to processing power of between 10 and 20%, depending on the model, as well as high-performance peripheral connectivity with 16 GBit/s Fiber Channel (FC) connections and redesigned standard data center 2m-high (42U) racks, which provide more space for additional SE components. The BS2000 SE310 and SE710 both come with the option to integrate application units, peripherals and network infrastructure components. Today’s latest applications can both run on and pull data from BS2000 SE mainframe systems and can share data with tried-and-tested, customer-facing mainframe software.
Fujitsu offers valuable new customization services, allowing the flexible, redundant connection of BS2000 SE units to each other and to customers’ extended networks. Also on offer are customization services for the co-creation of customer-specific, optimal network connections to maximize return on investment, plus assembly, cabling and factory pre-configuration, together with optional supervised installation into customers’ operations for total reliability of operation.
In version 6.3, BS2000 SE software provides optimized operation, monitoring and administration, reducing total cost of ownership and maximizing reliability. It also offers especially rapid re-provisioning of customer applications. Also new is BS2000 System Health Check, a service able to proactively detect and recommend remediation for deficiencies and vulnerabilities, helping to ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability. Furthermore, the BS2000 SE310 and SE710 Management Unit now includes SE Manager, a browser-based, single administration interface for monitoring, operation and administration.

Accompanying the launch of the two new infrastructures, Fujitsu announces the availability from November 2019 of its new openUTM V7.0 middleware, with significantly improved connectivity generated by HTTP protocol access.
Pricing and availability
The new BS2000 SE systems will be available from October 2019, directly from Fujitsu. Pricing depends on configuration.
Notes to editors
1 The Fujitsu Server BS2000 SE series (Comment/Request by Roland to Joachim for updating the 1st announcement date of SE Infrastructure) was introduced in June 2014, bringing together x86 and 390 architectures for the first time.

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