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Infrastructure Solutions

Decades of experience

Infrastructure Solutions typically consist of various IT components and combine them to serve specific usage scenarios. Decades of experience and collaboration with leading software vendors have enabled us to offer platform-specific as well as platform-independent operating and management solutions and frameworks that provide best-in-class quality.


Benefit from our many years of experience and proven success in providing industrialized solutions for highest flexibility:
  • Important business processes get the attention they deserve while helping our customers to cut costs considerably
  • High available based on industry standards: developed once used by many
  • Ensured seamless integration through an optimal combination of servers, storage, virtualization and automation technologies.

SAP Infrastructure Solutions Dynamic Infrastructures for SAP Applications

The faster the world of business changes, the more important is that IT strategy and business strategy go hand in hand. Fujitsu offers you comprehensive support and solutions for application innovation, IT infrastructure optimization, efficient infrastructure operation and business intelligence.