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McAfee® Multi Access Security

McAfee’s comprehensive solution protects multiple devices, and enables you to experience the freedom to connect from anywhere whilst keeping your personal information personal and preserving your family's digital information. McAfee Multi Access is pre-installed on your Fujitsu Desktop, providing you with 60-days of comprehensive security for your Fujitsu Desktop or tablet. McAfee Multi Access is easily managed centrally from your Fujitsu Desktop.

McAfee Multi Access Security includes:

McAfee Internet Security for computers

  • Keep your identity and family secure online with comprehensive, real-time antivirus, antimalware, firewall, spam filters, and parental controls
  • Protect against Viruses and other Malware - strengthen your defense with industry leading protection from botnets, data thieves, and the latest threats
  • Protect against hackers and thieves – lock phishing sites, avoid scams in messages and social sites and secure your network
  • Protect your identity - lock all your digital valuables in an encrypted vault on your computer
  • Protect Your family – seamlessly manage and monitor online time to help your kids use the Internet safely
McAfee Mobile Security
Powerful and award-winning security for your mobile device

  • Protects your device against viruses and more - McAfee Active Protection™ technology provides real-time protection and scans for malicious code from files, SD cards, applications, and Internet downloads
  • Protects mobile devices and personal data - remotely locks, backs up, locates, wipes your device data, and even restores your personal content to another device
  • Enables safe surfing of the mobile web - blocks potential phishing sites, browser exploits, malicious links within text messages, email, social networking sites, and QR codes
  • Blocks unwanted calls and texts - easily filters out spammers, incorrect numbers, and unwanted acquaintances
  • App Alert for Android protects against potentially bad apps - scans and checks your apps for different types and levels of access and provides a report so you can review and learn how your apps are accessing your data
You can activate your McAfee 60-day trial simply by clicking on the McAfee icon on your desktop. We recommend registering your product to benefit from using Multi Access Security on up to three PCs!