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Technical Computing

Paving the way to the future

Fujitsu is working together with its customers on projects that will bring the dreams of humanity to fruition in scientific and technical fields such as Aerospace, Meteorology, Astronomy, and other leading edge research; with the aim of realizing a rich future that is filled with promise and where the global environment is protected.

With an expansive product lineup, unshakable service framework, and experience that has been accumulated during over 30 years of High Performance Computing (HPC) system support, Fujitsu offers high-performance technical computing solutions and provides total support services to meet the research, development, and analysis needs of its customers.

Examples of Fujitsu's cutting edge contributions to the fields of science and technology.



Fujitsu provides cutting edge ICT for the ground data handling systems that perform tracking control operations for artificial satellites, as they travel through space; as well as process the variety of observational data sent from such satellites, enabling them to reliably carry out their missions.



Non-stop provision of weather information is supported by Fujitsu's leading-edge ICT, helping to predict potential natural disasters, support disaster minimization, maintain traffic safety, minimize economic disruption, while saving lives and ensuring an overall safer environment.



The ALMA project radio telescope at an altitude of over 5,000 m (Atacama Desert, Chile), the Subaru telescope at an altitude of over 4,000 m (Hawaii, USA), and other projects attempting to unlock the mysteries of space and realize the dreams of mankind, are supported by Fujitsu's ongoing commitment to leading edge ICT.

Cutting edge research


Fujitsu provides the latest in ICT implementations to support customers who are taking hitherto unexplored fields of knowledge and research. The aim is the delivery of world leading research results.

Supercomputer systems


Fujitsu supercomputers support the constant demand for cutting edge ICT in the fields of science and technology and the meeting of processing capacity demands without limit.
Its progress is continuing with the development of "The Next-Generation Supercomputer" together with Riken aiming at completion in 2012.




General-purpose three-dimensional electromagnetic wave analysis software



Integrated Platform for Computational Chemistry