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Integration / Innovation (BS2000)

Enterprise application integration (EAI) and business process management (BPM) are very big topics at companies these days. Business critical applications can be integrated into web portals as well as internal and external business processes using innovative web services technology.
The openSEAS middleware product suite offers complete functionality for application innovation and modern application development. All the IT departments driving themes from consolidation over integration of legacy-applications up to development of Web-services and installation of portals. Completed with the comprehensive service offering openSEAS is the ideal integration software, also for SOA projects.

BeanConnect™ - Investment protection through Integration

BeanConnect connects classic transactions monitors with modern application servers.
This connection enables legacy applications to be used in new business processes. Applications based on J2EE application servers are connected with applications designed for use under the TP monitor openUTM or with CICS Transaction Server. The connection is developed in accordance with the J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) . New applications which are based on the J2EE technology can thus be integrated into an existing IT environment using Java resources.

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openFT – Data integration with Enterprise File Transfer

A Managed File Transfer solution - automated, secure and cost-efficient
Security during data transmission is a main concern for IT managers: How can a typical file transfer be upgraded to a managed file transfer that is worthy of being called a secure file transfer – and which also supports the FTAM protocol, for example in the banking sector or for public administration in areas such as motor vehicle registration, customs duties or central address registries? The answer is provided by openFT, the enterprise file transfer product family from Fujitsu.

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open UTM – High-end transaction processing platform

A transaction Monitor - reliable, scalable, high available and resource sparing with maximum performance
This high-end transaction processing platform offers mainframe quality even in UNIX and WINDOWS environments. Multi-tier client/server solutions will be set in reality with openUTM and effectively supported. Applications based on openUTM are fault tolerant. openUTM completely includes all resources in the transaction process and is therefore able to offer a comprehensive restart functionality.

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WebTransactions – Portal Integration and Web enabling

A business processing tool - flexible integration of existing host applications
Business processes call for comprehensive and smooth-running support provided by the company’s IT unit. To enable provision of this support, existing and new applications on the various platforms must be integrated fast and reliable into a consistent and expandable system. With WebTransactions openSEAS provides a product, which allows approved host applications to be used in new business processes and modern application scenarios.

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