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FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for VMware vCloud

Fast and easy ramp-up to your VMware private or hybrid cloud infrastructure

Introducing a private cloud is considered as an important move by many IT organizations to drive business agility. In parallel customers are also looking at offerings from cloud service providers for some areas. As a consequence the mid-term reality will be a hybrid scenario where companies use both internal and external cloud services and where deployment of a private cloud is seen a major stepping stone.

However, there are various risks that can impact time lines and budgets of a complex private cloud project. You need to take care of multiple sourcing options, make sure that enough skilled resources are on board for all project phases and finally you also need to take care of maintenance and ongoing innovation of the complete technology stack.

One stop shopping for your VMware private cloud IaaS platform

In order to minimize those project risks Fujitsu has invented FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for VMware vCloud - an infrastructure solution offering the most convenient way to introduce and run a modern VMware private or hybrid cloud IaaS platform that drives business growth and improves customer satisfaction at significantly lower cost compared with do-it-yourself approaches. Validated from Fujitsu and VMware the solution combines a high-performance and energy-efficient Fujitsu hardware stack, a market leading VMware operating environment, one-stop support and a comprehensive professional service portfolio.

As a global cloud service provider running over 25 cloud data centers worldwide, Fujitsu has vast experience to implement enterprise-class cloud infrastructures.

PRIMEFLEX for VMware vCloud - Your benefits

  • High-performance and energy-efficient Fujitsu hardware stack capable to host even demanding workloads
  • Market leading VMware cloud service management provides complete software-defined data center services for increased operational efficiency reducing OPEX up to 50%
  • Integration into market leading VMware ecosystem supports a multi-cloud approach of a customer
  • An optimized Fujitsu deployment service reduces implementation risk and offers fast time to production and reduces infrastructure-related efforts and cost up to 40%.
  • Fujitsu offers a rich set of private cloud enabling services to ensure delivery of private cloud projects on schedule, within budget and compatible with our customer’s business processes
  • Suitable configuration flexibility allows to start with a small configuration and to expand when demand is increasing
  • Fujitsu offers one-stop support for recommended configurations reducing maintenance efforts

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