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Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia Pte Ltd

Fujitsu Releases Three New "FR-V Family" Processors for Media Processing

Expansion of Core Hardware for "FR-V Media Solution"

Singapore, 19 March 2004 — Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia Pte Ltd, one of the major players in the Microelectronics and Flat Panel Display industry today launched three new "FR-V Family" processors for media processing at the 12th Convergence India Exhibition 2004, the largest telecom event in India.

Fujitsu recently developed a series of processors for media processing that adopts VLIW architecture(1). They are the "FR-V processor," companion chip(2) and SoC (System on Chip) for the "FR-V Family", bringing it to a total of five products of "FR400 Series".

The expansion of the "FR-V Family", that is the core of "FR-V Media Solution" for embedded systems of digital AV (Audio Video) equipment would now allow customers to use "FR-V Media Solution" in a wide range of fields from digital AV equipment that requires advanced media processing to imaging equipment such as portable / non- portable media centres and IP TV phones.

The "FR-V Media Solution," consisting of various hardware including its core "FR-V Family" software, accelerates short-term development for systems embedded in digital AV equipment.

Key features of the three new products are as follows and detailed specifications can be found in table 1:

1. "MB93405": "FR-V Processor" for digital AV equipment

This is a processor for media CPU Core incorporating "FR405", a newly developed high-end product based on "FR403". It is a widespread processor core that can execute integer arithmetic and media processing up to two instructions simultaneously by its two parallel VLIW architecture for media processing.

Speeding up the maximum operation frequency to 400MHz and quadruplicating its cache memory doubles its processing performance. Therefore this product can now achieve 30 frames per second ("fps") processing for QVGA-sized (320´240-dot) MPEG-4(3) recording, and 15 fps with the existing product the "FR403." Moreover, this product enables VGA-sized (640´480-dot) MPEG-4 encoding and decoding and therefore it is best suited for digital AV equipment such as IP (Internet Protocol) TV phones, and advanced projectors and media centers.

2. "MB93495": Companion chip for digital AV equipment

This is a companion chip optimized for the "FR-V processor" with reinforced image output performance of the existing companion chip, "MB93493". By adopting the UMA method(4) that shares the main memory with CPU, stable image output even of XGA-sized (1024768-dot) video is achieved. It also enables high image display with its alpha blending(5) function. Moreover, MB93495 includes various interfaces such as Memory Stick, SD card and PC card, which allows customers to provide multiple interfaces in their end products.

3. "MB93423": SoC for digital AV equipment

The SoC integrates input/output functions such as video, audio and communication of "FR403" and its companion chip, "MB93493" on a single chip. This product realises various functions including QVGA-sized MPEG-4 encoding, decoding and playback of MP3(6) with a small package (13 mm Square) and is ideal for use in digital AV equipment like portable media centres.

Table 1:

<Main specifications>

Product MB93405 MB93423 MB93495
Process Technology 0.18µm process CMOS
Operation Power-supply External: 3.3V
Internal: 1.4V
External: 3.3V
Internal: 1.8V
External: 3.3V
Internal: 1.8V
Cache Instruction: 32KB (2way)
Data: 32KB (2way)
Instruction: 8KB (2way)
Data: 8KB (2way)
Maximum Operating Frequency 400MHz 240MHz
Peak Performance 800MIPS or
400MIPS + 3200MOPS
480MIPS or
240MIPS + 1920MOPS
Package 256-pin Plastic BGA (27mm x 27mm)
288-pin Plastic FBGA (18mm x 18mm)
377-pin Plastic FBGA, (13mm x 13mm) 288-pin Plastic FBGA (18mm x 18mm)
Built-in Peripheral Circuit (Core) SDRAM interface, DMAC, Local bus interface, Interrupt controller, UART, Timer, GPIO, etc.
Built-in Peripheral Circuit (Special Peripheral) Video I/O, Scaler, Audio I/O, USB, I2C, etc. Video I/O, Scaler, Audio I/O, USB, I2C, Card interface (corresponds to Memory Stick, SD card, and PC card.), etc.


VLIW architecture:
(Very Long Instruction Word) : Processor architecture that has long length of instruction and can execute more than one processing with one instruction simultaneously.
companion chip:
Proprietary peripheral chip that has peripheral I/O functions necessary for media processing such as image, voice, etc.
One of the video encoding methods that enables video encoding with a high compression rate.
UMA method:
(Unified Memory Architecture) : mechanism that allocates frame buffer and memory to store image as a part of main memory of the CPU.
alpha blending:
synthesis of more than one images by changing degree of transparency.
One of voice data compression techniques.

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