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Supports porting of UNIX system based software products into BS2000

Current Version: A45

The operating system BS2000 features standardized interfaces conforming to POSIX / XPG4.2. The POSIX-BC function complex in version A45 is delivered as part of OSD/BC V11.0 and V10.0 from general release of OSD/BC V11.0.

Wealth of possibilities

Open, POSIX-based applications benefit from the business-critical computing properties of BS2000. These properties include high availability, great scalability, mass throughput of data and highly cost-effective operation in data centers. 
POSIX also serves as the technical platform for implementing services that enable interoperability and connectivity between BS2000 and the open systems world; the entire BS2000 system can in fact be expanded into a full internet Server. This includes:
  • easy use of internet protocols;
  • the ability to set up web and mail servers on a BS2000 platform.

The POSIX standards

  • System interfaces:
    these are program interfaces in C for process control for file/directory processing (UNIX file system), terminal, I/O etc.
  • Tools and utilities:
    these are the interactive end user interfaces (shell commands and utilities). These commands are for processing the POSIX file system and the commands built into the shell. The POSIX shell is a further command interface added to that of BS2000. A POSIX shell can be started from the BS2000 command mode or via rlogin from a UNIX system based server which is network-linked to the BS2000 system.

Selection of products that use the POSIX interfaces on BS2000

  • Apache
  • InterNet Services
  • Environment for Java (JENV (BS2000))
  • Network File System (NFS)
  • SNMP-Management (SNMP Basic Agent SBA-BS2, SNMP Standard Collection SSC-BS2)
  • Storage Host Component for BS2000 (SHC-OSD)