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BS2000/OSD-BC V8.0

BS2000 OSD/BC is the operating system for the BS2000/OSD Business servers.

BS2000 OSD/BC is unrivalled in providing an available, scalable, high-performance platform for business-critical applications that is totally compatible across numerous versions. At the same time, with its open interfaces BS2000 OSD/BC offers future-proof integration into modern application architectures. The server scalability from 12 RPF to 5.000 RPF enables tailor-made configurations with high growth potential.

For SQ servers, the x86 architecture ported BS2000/OSD-BC V8.0 variant, and for SX servers, the SPARC64 architecture ported BS2000/OSD-BC V8.0 variant is available as a part of the OSD Extended Configuration Package OSD/XC V4.1.
Features Benefits
Business Servers and Peripherals - Innovations
  • Business Server S175 and S210 – the high-end series for the data center
  • Business Server SQ200 of the SQ series – the powerful mainframe for the entry- and medium-sized performance range
  • LTO-4 Ultrium drive, LTO-4 Ultrium drive encryption support in connection with MAREN V12.0
  • Allows enterprise-wide consolidation and fits for steadily increasing demand for computing power
  • BS2000 applications run as object-compatible code on high-end Intel x86 servers, the most widespread server platform
  • Most recent tape technology is available with BS2000/OSD
Scalability / Performance
  • Disk I/O tuning by optimum transfer lengths
  • Enhanced support for the EMC2 Symmetrix TimeFinder Snap function
  • Optimized data backup to fast tape devices
  • Greater flexibility by more snapset backups
Manageability / Ease of use
  • Mail interface in BS2000/OSD
  • Broad filter possibilities for console messages
  • BS2000 ZIP enhancements: Crypto password to protect the files within the ZIP container
  • Emails from within system processes instead of print output
  • Flood of console messages can be limited easier
  • Data exchange of encrypted ZIP files with Windows systems
Openness and Integration
  • New POSIX version providing transparent access to BS2000 files
  • New version Apache: Porting of Apache V2.2.8 with integrated SSL support
  • The extensive facilities of the POSIX tool environment can be used for processing BS2000 files
  • Secure transfer of documents and data over the internet

In addition to the basic configuration, the operating system BS2000 contains further components: