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  4. Streamlined new user acquisition and advertisement delivery using private DMP

Streamlined new user acquisition and advertisement delivery using private DMP

The challenge

  • Managing customer information by each system makes it difficult to centrally understand user behaviors
  • An effective approach is not in place for utilizing the company’s user information for delivering advertisements
  • Creating segments for new angles to further improve the effectiveness of targeting ads

The solution

  • Combined internal MyCloud bookmark user data with third-party data and WEBMART access log to perform the following verification experiment:
    1. Break down users visiting WEBMART into segments and improve accuracy
    2. Approach users visiting MyCloud who have not visited WEBMART
  • Implementation period: Approx. 4 months
  • Implementation cost: Approx. 8 million yen

The benefit

  • Understand trends in services used by user by analyzing user behaviors across sites
  • Visualize behaviors by user, which could not be understood through CRM and analyzing access logs
  • Improve delivery efficiency by focusing delivery to user segments where delivering advertisements was effective. Expand delivery to similar users to acquire new users


Read the full Fujitsu Client Computing Ltd case study (477 KB/A4, 1 page)



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