Network Transformation Services

Network Transformation Services

Network transformation services for sustainable, reliable, secure network outcomes

Moving forward with network evolution is a question of balancing multiple factors and challenges for the best possible outcome. You may be concerned with any combination of expediting transition to a target architecture, extending the life of legacy equipment, controlling costs, meeting sustainability goals, or improving network performance and reliability.

Maximize business value and meet your goals

Regardless of your specific objectives, you can maximize business value by working with an experienced partner whose financial strength and multivendor experience can help make your project a success. Fujitsu can work with you to solve problems like these:

  • Smooth transition to a target architecture
  • Extend network life to achieve capex and opex savings
  • Reduce operational cost and complexity
  • Improve network reliability and security
  • Optimize customer satisfaction and quality of experience
  • Focus resources on revenue generating activities

Why Fujitsu is the right network transformation services partner for you

Transformation simplified

Transformation simplified

  • Consultative approach to get the best solution for you
  • Cost-reduction through site, service, and resource consolidation, spares harvesting, and more
  • Simplify complex needs and problems
  • Project management tools and experience to accelerate completion
  • Cloud-native solutions backed by Fujitsu expertise

Sustainability enhanced

Sustainability enhanced

  • Support corporate environmental and sustainability goals
  • Reduce power consumption and carbon footprint through modernized, energy-efficient technology
  • Reduce floor and rack space needs
  • Eliminate or minimize old servers and underutilized legacy Element Management Systems (EMS)

Multivendor integration - delivered

Multivendor integration - delivered

  • 500+ projects completed successfully with proven methodology since 2014
  • Multivendor support for 65+ OEM platforms and systems
  • 40+ years in North American markets
  • Optical, SONET, Packet/IP, Wireless, and fiber access network expertise

Explore Fujitsu‘s sustainable network transformation services

Modernize your legacy network with Fujitsu

Network Modernization Services by the experts at Fujitsu can help you move past the headaches of a legacy network and ease the challenges of migrating live traffic, while reducing your carbon footprint and giving you room to grow.

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Video: Sustainable EMS Transformation cuts opex and capex by Darryl Whitlock

Sustainable EMS Transformation cuts opex & capex

By combining element management systems, service providers can achieve greater opex and capex efficiencies, reducing TCO. Plug in your numbers to our ROI calculator to receive a customized report that calculates your potential savings over a 10-year period. Fujitsu can then work with you to develop an EMS Transformation solution that works best for your business.

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Find the perfect solution for you

Contact us and discover how
Fujitsu can transform your network and your business.

Network-trans-top-bnr.jpgNetwork Transformation Services

simplified-icon-1.pngTransformation simplified

sustainability-icon-2.pngSustainability enhanced

multivendor-icon-3.pngMultivendor integration - delivered

NetMod-Net-Trans-809x500.jpgNetwork Modernization

EMS-Net-Trans-809x500.jpgEMS Transformation

Site-Exit-Net-Trans-809x500.jpgSite Exit

Video-modernize-net-trans-features-800x450.jpgModernize your legacy network with Fujitsu

Video-Whitlock-net-trans-features-800x450.jpgVideo: Sustainable EMS Transformation cuts opex and capex by Darryl Whitlock

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