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Multivendor, multidomain network management tool set 

Service providers and enterprises face a critical challenge with both physical and virtualized infrastructure in multivendor multilayer networks. This challenge is how to achieve fast, efficient service lifecycle management and deliver unified, end-to-end, error-free service activation and discovery across the entire network.

NetACE from Atrinet –Single View, Multivendor Network

NetACE is a multivendor, multidomain network management  tool set that delivers service lifecycle management, discovery, and configuration. NetACE contributes to a single view of the network across all layers and legacy vendors. The ecosystem also enables a single view of multivendor, multilayer management systems.

NetACE brings important business benefits to complex, dynamic networks:

  • Faster development and deployment of new services
  • Shorter turnaround times for new features
  • Real time dynamic network capacity allocation
  • Big data service analytics and SLA dashboards
  • Real time network and service operational status
  • End-to-end visibility
  • Shorter Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Improved quality through reduced error potential and less repetitive manual work
  • Vendor independence with mix-and-match freedom
  • Substantial capital and operational savings
  • Automation, agility and flexibility
  • Reduced service turn-up times for both traditional and virtual networks

NetACE’s GUI-based self-service user interface and design tools simplify the complex process of onboarding new network elements, resources, and vendors, transforming months of custom development into 1–2 week turnkey projects.

Key Functional Elements

The main pillars of NetACE functionality include:

  • Self-service design tools – Visual modeling and design environment for ultrafast on-boarding of new services, vendors, and technologies
  • Real-time network activation – Multivendor platform that automates all network and service lifecycle activities
  • Intelligent network discovery – Discover and manage logical and physical network resources, network topology,  and multi-layer services
  • API-driven network automation – Exposes an auto-rendered unified programmable interface and APIs that enable development and integration of third-party applications