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Fujitsu Financial Services IT solutions - Co-creating tomorrow's Bank

Digital Transformation services
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The value of digital transformation in banking

For over 4 decades Fujitsu has been a trusted technology partner to financial service providers around the globe. Our years of experience working within the banking sector, has led us to develop an in-depth understanding of the demanding climate in which you operate, and your need for agility, flexibility, and security in serving your customers.

Today the role of banking is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and this pace of change is further exacerbated by increased regulation and low interest rates driving fierce competition. Customer expectations and demand for new digital services are rising, with customer retention becoming less about loyalty, and more about the ability to provide innovative 24/7/365 services with high levels of transparency and security.

Within banking, digital transformation is a priority. Digitalization enables you to act quickly, scale rapidly, remain agile and keep pace with changing customer and regulatory demands.

Fujitsu banking transformation services

We’re a world-leading IT expert in digitalization, with vast experience helping customers around the globe to digitally transform and face the challenges of the future. With our help, you can:


Simplify banking processes

Improve the Customers digital

Enabling open banking

We approach digital transformation from a 360° perspective, complementing fast IT by modernising and reducing the complexity of your estate. We then focus on streamlining existing processes to; simplify the way banking is done, enhance the value of future investment, and make banking easier.
In a connected world, an empowered customer prioritises the convenience and availability of their banking. By being ready when and where they turn next, you can improve the digital experience, retaining and building on your customer base.
By taking advantage of our cloud services underpinned by Fujitsu K5, MetaArc, and Finplex, you can open up the bank ecosystem to a host of technologies. From artificial intelligence through to advanced analytics, the cloud simplifies your transformation, making innovation a core component of your strategy alongside systems of record.

Become tomorrow’s lifestyle bank today- we’re ready to help you build it

Protecting your organisation and enabling future-ready financial services is a balancing act: Hybrid IT is the answer

New technologies in banking, investing and other areas have dramatically changed the financial services sector in recent years. From online trading to mobile banking to digital currencies such as bitcoin and new models such as open banking, the business of money today is faster, bigger and more complex than ever before, with innovative new players and offerings ushering in one wave of digital disruption after another.

Explore our latest thinking around how Hybrid IT is the answer to helping traditional financial services organisations thrive in the digital age.

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Hybrid IT

Why choose Fujitsu banking IT solutions?

Firstly, there’s our experience. We already partner with banks around the globe, helping them to leverage legacy technology, simplify internal processes, migrate to the cloud and implement new systems and platforms.

Secondly, we work in close partnership with you. We can deliver a tailor-made solution co-created with you to improve your operational efficiency and deliver first class digital customer experiences. With our digital banking solutions, we enable you to:

create rich and rewarding customer relationships
deliver process efficiencies
provide new models of lending, payments and investment management