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Insurance Digital Solutions

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Fujitsu digital transformation for insurers – enabling customer-led innovation

Digitalisation has led to a dramatic shift in customer purchasing behaviour. The scale and speed with which digital disruption is affecting the insurance sector, requires insurers to continually innovate to develop and deploy new technologies capable of keeping pace with unprecedented change and rising customer demands.

We are at the peak of an era, where the pace of change and requirement for constant development is unlikely to change. People are as much a driving force of this digital revolution as the technology itself, and this is causing many industries to look at themselves and their customers in a different light.

The insurance sector is no different. With the advent of IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud technology, customers now expect tracking and monitoring to be the norm for their policies. They want to be offered value-added services and savings based on their behaviours and actions. This is true customer-led innovation, and at Fujitsu, we are strategically well placed to deliver the solutions you need to make the most of the new digital age and keep up with the rapid pace of change.

Insurance transformation technology.

Today, the Internet of Things is presenting insurers with a real opportunity to reduce fraud, speed up claims processing, enhance the customer experience, reduce premiums and mitigate risk. As the role of IoT continues to grow, we will see millions more devices connected to the internet. Using data analytics, insurers will be able to analyse the data they collect to better determine risk based on unique customer characteristics and behaviour, and this will help lower premiums.

With our full suite of Fujitsu IoT solutions, we enable you to gain greater value from your IoT implementation. By combining partner expertise with our own, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions including; Cloud platforms, standardised business solutions, insurance data analytics, AI, middleware software and wearable devices.

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Our range of insurance technology offerings includes:


Internet of things (IoT)

Annually we spend more than $2.6bn on R&D, and this investment has led to the development of IoT devices across a wide range of industry sectors. With our wearable devices and innovative IoT technology such as Fujitsu UBIQUITOUSWARE and our Connected Home solutions, we help monitor environments, health levels and mitigate risk for both customers and insurers. With our IoT offering, we enable you to:
Lower premiums and provide value-added services to help improve customer loyalty


Fujitsu Cloud Service K5

Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 is the most open, agile and compatible cloud platform available today Through the K5 cloud platform, insurance organizations benefit from the increased speed and efficiency that it offers in the application development cycle. Due to K5’s open-source core, organizations are finding it extremely easy to rapidly build, develop and test proofs of concept on the platform. With the support of K5’s single, common architecture, enterprises can then move these proofs of concept easily from public to private cloud. If the proof of concept works, users can scale quickly to gain an edge over competitors. And if the proof of concept doesn’t work, they can fail fast at low cost. Either way, efficiencies are achieved.

Finplex Financial Solution

Fujitsu Finplex Financial Solution

Fujitsu Finplex Financial Solution is our dedicated approach for digital transformation within the financial service sector. It provides APIs with the means to provision new digital services at speed and delivers:

  • omni-channel services
  • an improved customer experience
  • analytics to gain deeper customer insight

See how we have helped our customers solved their challenges

Nato_BankNanto Bank

With Nanto Bank, we co-created an Internet Sensing Solution (IOS) using mBaaS based on MetaArc, to provide users of IC-equipped combined cash and credit cards with an online-to-offline information delivery service.

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AllianzAllianz - Germany
Connected Home - activating the emergeny service chain

Fujitsu’s end-to-end system RunMyProcess, provides Alliance with the connectivity they need to connect everything in an IoT enabled home with partners across the ecosystem. Sensors detect issues, warning are issued via apps, the emergency service chain is activated, repair is actioned and the claim is settled

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