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ServiceNow Industry Solutions

From connecting disparate supply chains to delivering unified customer and employee experiences,
bring every part of your organisation together. We combine our industry expertise and experience
with ServiceNow to get you where you want to be sooner. So, you’re always a step ahead.

Delivering a connected retail experience

Achieve operational excellence by joining up your systems, processes, and people. From the office to the shop floor to the warehouse, empower every employee with the data and insights to make fast decisions – in the moments that matter. Creating the experiences that build loyalty.

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Creating new possibilities in manufacturing

Reach new levels of visibility and efficiency across your supply chain. So you can stay agile and adapt to new demands, work productively by simplifying even the most complex operations and stay secure with a complete view of your organisation. It all adds up to leaner, smarter, more resilient manufacturing.

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Driving a trusted future in financial services

Challenge the challengers and innovate at pace, while staying compliant. Create a unified, secure, and engaging customer and employee experience with fully digitised services. Taking your institution into the future– without sacrificing the trustworthy reputation you’ve worked hard to build.

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Accelerating digital transformation in the public sector

Drive transparency and engage citizens with frictionless access to the information and services they need. Meet new expectations and match the kind of experiences consumers now expect. All while being cost-effective and secure, as you transform operations for more efficient, more effective public services.

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To revamp retail, you need sound strategy. Find out how staying competitive means changing your future outlook.

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The future of retail is digital. But you already knew that. Next, read how you can create seamless workflows, smooth service, and great customer experience with Fujitsu & ServiceNow.

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Innovation is a natural part of manufacturing. Learn how Fujitsu and ServiceNow can help you connect workflows, boost productivity, and achieve operational excellence.

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Financial services

Customers want a more personal experience; they want their financial services to be easy to use and secure. Learn how to move at pace, stay competitive, and achieve rapid success from your investment in ServiceNow with Fujitsu.

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Public sector

The University of Jyväskylä relied on an aging, end-of-life service management tool with limited capabilities. It wanted to upgrade to ServiceNow, so Fujitsu implemented a self-service portal to improve user experience and reduce demand on the service desk, setting the goal for faster incident resolution times. The platform gave the university the ability to transition to a remote working protocol during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Citizen Engagement on ServiceNow

Do you want to increase the digital experience of your citizens?

Fujitsu has co-created with ServiceNow to launch a solution specific to governments and local councils known as Citizen Engagement on ServiceNow. With Citizen Engagement, you can empower, energise, and engage both your citizens and employees!

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Despite the speed and growth of ServiceNow, there may still be business processes and services you would like to digitise but that don’t yet fit naturally in the platform. That’s ok, Fujitsu doesn’t just help you get value out of the platform, we help build value on the platform.

Fujitsu has a range of solutions available to help. Examples include;

Translator Bot

Translator Bot breaks down the language barriers that keep your teams from collaborating effectively, wherever they are in the world, by enabling your users to consume and respond to information in their native language. You can then leverage the best skills from across your organization, while improving platform adoption and user satisfaction – without expensive and time-consuming translation projects.

But that’s not the only benefit. Want to use an app from the store but it’s not in your native language? We can translate that too. So whether enabling human interactions or increasing access to great services, we can help.

Workforce Management

Fujitsu’s Workforce Management provides you with a new level of transparency and visibility of your workforce meaning you can manage costs more effectively while delivering more engaging experiences for your people.

Dynamic tracking of your peoples’ skills and capabilities, location, and availability means you can make sure jobs are completed on time and by the best people for the task. So, your most important asset – your people deliver the services your customers demand, with confidence.

And if you want to talk to us about how you can also manage your customers, sales and invoicing, we can do that too. With Fujitsu you can truly get the best from ServiceNow.