So long, silos

ServiceNow Business Solutions

Digitising business processes creates experiences that engage and empower your
people and your customers.

Need to support a distributed workforce and improve your employees’ experience at work?
Let’s create the workflows that help drive your organisation. Connecting and
automating actions across even the most complex enterprises is what we do, each
and every day. So, let us help you create effortless experiences.

IT workflows

Transform the way your employees receive support, knowledge, and help for their IT services through simplified, streamlined, and automated workflows. We do this tens of thousands of times a day for our customers, so trust us to deliver the results you need fast.

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Employee workflows

Create the experiences that engage your people and a culture that empowers them. Drive productivity by giving them what they need – when they need it. Put your employees at the heart of your organisation.

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Customer workflows

Drive satisfaction and loyalty with experiences that engage and excite your customers. Enabling them to engage and interact how they want, when they want. We can help create experiences that keep customers coming back.

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Business Process Transformation

ServiceNow drives seamless experience, automates response, drives insights, and delivers a choice in how people get support. This is the heart of their workflow services.

But what if the processes you want digitise are not a natural fit to a ServiceNow product? Or you want to develop a bespoke mobile app to support your people when they are out and about? Well, now you can with the Now App Engine.

At Fujitsu, we are a member of the ServiceNow Design Partner Program. Our Application Factory creates business industry solutions for both ourselves and our customers. If you have a business problem you need to resolve, a process you want to digitise, a workflow you want to automate, or systems you want to connect, ask us how. We’re here to help.

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