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FUJITSU LEARNING MEDIA's Policies for Protecting Personal Data

Fujitsu Limited is committed to respecting your privacy.

We recognize the importance of the personal data by which you can be identified, such as your name, address, or e-mail address ("Personal Data"). In general, you can visit without revealing any Personal Data. We track the Internet address of people who visit and analyze this data for trends and statistics, but the tracked data does not include your Personal Data. When our website collects your Personal Data we inform you and comply with the following "Procedures for Personal Data". If you do not provide the information we request, you can still visit most of our website however you may be unable to access certain options, offers and services.

Some pages of our website send "cookies" to your computer to better serve you with more tailored information when you return to the website. Cookies are identifiers that include unique characters, but unless you input your Personal Data onto our website you cannot be identified and remain anonymous. You can set most browsers to tell you when you are sent a cookie and to refuse to receive it.

Procedures for Personal Data

  1. A responsible manager has been appointed to every department of Fujitsu where Personal Data are maintained. This manager oversees the handling of Personal Data within his or her department;
  2. Fujitsu collects Personal Data only to the extent necessary for its business, and only after informing the customer regarding the purpose of such collection, how to contact Fujitsu regarding Personal Data, and the scope of Fujitsu's intended use of such data;
  3. Fujitsu appropriately maintains Personal Data, and never submits or discloses such data to any third party without the prior consent of the customer; When submitting Personal Data to a third party, Fujitsu requires the third party to maintain the Personal Data appropriately and to not disclose this data without the customer's prior consent;
  4. If you wish to inquire about or modify your own Personal Data, please contact Fujitsu via the contact information provided to you. Fujitsu will accept your request immediately;
  5. Fujitsu complies with applicable laws and regulations relating to Personal Data. To ensure such compliance, Fujitsu may periodically revise its policies regarding the handling of Personal Data.