Creating new possibilities together with people and organizations

Our mission has always been to support the development of our customers. ​

In 1994, standing at the dawn of the IT era, we set out together with customers to nurture human resources and organizations ideally geared to help businesses grow in this new age as PCs and the Internet became ubiquitous. Our company's name change to Fujitsu Learning Media reflects this move forward.​

Today, with the current shift from IT to DX, we continue to evolve to respond flexibly to ever more complex and sophisticated customer needs while still providing the highest level of knowledge services. The phrase "Creating new possibilities together with people and organizations" expresses our continuing commitment to human resource and organizational development with a broad range of beneficial services.​

Comprehensive solutions that address various HRD challenges

We provide solutions about human resource development (HRD) , supporting organizational development, platform for HRD/supporting organizational development.