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Our Financial Services Offerings

End-to-end ICT Infrastructure – From back office support to ATM management, Fujitsu offers a comprehensive end-to-end suite of customer-centric ICT infrastructure solutions to address the whole eco-system of retail banking services, enabling greater customer insights through multi-channel integration and sales force.

Data Center and IT Managed Services–Resources can be further streamlined and operations can be more efficient by using Fujitsu’s data center and IT managed services. With more than 100 data centers around the world, Fujitsu keeps financial institutions one step ahead so they can sit back and focus on tackling business issues and driving growth.

Cloud Services – Cloud presents the opportunity to centralise risk management, improve resilience and security, and aid in the running of numerous resource intensive applications and services, at lower costs. With over 5,000 cloud customers globally and easy-to-deploy scalable solutions, we have built up unique expertise that can help you improve your business agility.

Big Data Analytics – Our big data analytics enables financial services institutions to harness big data in order to gain business insights. Based on Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA optimized for in-memory technology, vast amounts of data (Big Data) can be analyzed in real-time, safely and securely, either on premise or in the cloud so as to enable smarter business decisions backed with greater business insight. Applications are also accelerated, enhancing business processes and enabling organizations to become true real-time enterprises.

In-Memory Big Data Computing – Organizations, particularly financial services companies, are widely adopting applications that use in-memory technology, such as the SAP HANA platform to transform their ICT into powerful business intelligent solutions. Our leading-edge in-memory computing technologies make big data analytics effortless, handling data-intensive workloads such as in-memory databases and real-time business analytics with great ease.

Personalized Banking– By combining the technology of location based analytic platform “SPATIOWL”, mobile application and Bluetooth beacon, retail banks can greet customers on their arrival at the branch with personalized messages for better customer experience.

Financial Ledger ReportingRAPORTADO is a consolidated software package containing various options for customers considering implementing XBRL technology. RAPORTADO enables you to design and develop XBRL systems in the minimum time and at minimum cost. The business intelligence in RAPORTADO provides more flexible data analysis while the workflow/BAM engine manages operations such as document creation, application and approval. RAPORTADO supports a variety of features based on the concept of Service Oriented Architecture. This includes XBRL data access, mediation, transfer, conversion and distribution through different protocols such as HTTP, JMS, FTP, POP, SMTP.

Why choose Fujitsu as your IT partner?

Global Delivery Expertise:From our Global Delivery Centers around the world, we drive major transformation and change programs for our clients - a crucial advantage for global roll outs. Our global financial services team forms "hubs" of expertise in the UK, Spain, Germany, the US, the Nordic countries, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Japan - an advantage for clients with customers and activities in many regions of the world. Our IT products and software are being deployed extensively in the financial services sector worldwide.

World Class Managed Services:We provide world-class managed services for the desktop and service desk, data center, networks and applications. We have strong capabilities in program and project management as well as in systems integration.

Professional Consulting Capabilities:We offer professional consulting capabilities in both Business and IT, including such areas as separation strategy, portfolio management, application value assessment, business process discovery and benefits realization.

Customer-centricity: That’s why we are flexible and can provide tailor-made solutions that are vendor agnostic.