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PalmSecure ID Match

PalmSecure technology can be combined with other authentication methods e.g. cards to improve security. FUJITSU PalmSecure ID Match offers a type of two-factor authentication that combines the unique PalmSecure technology with ID cards and badges. Stolen or copied cards haven’t any impact, while verifying with the user of the card. 
The solution is based on a compact multifunction device. The device is comprised of a touch screen, an embedded processor board, a multi-card reader and Fujitsu’s high security PalmSecure technology for personal identification and verification based on palm vein patterns. 
FUJITSU PalmSecure ID Match is a platform comprised of a precisely harmonized hardware and software stack that provides a secure environment for running the application. The business logic is defined by the application. Depending on the customer’s concept, the logic of the solution architecture can run on the ID Match terminal or, either partially or completely, on the host system. 
Fujitsu offers a complete solution platform comprised of hardware, software and services for optimizing existing security solutions: 
  • The hardware, namely the ID Match terminal, includes highly effective ARM technology, advanced security features and all the interfaces needed for security applications. The ID Match terminal is vandal-proof and wear-resistant thanks to the premium materials from which it is manufactured. The terminal can be used as a stand-alone or wall-mounted device, and can even be integrated in a POS system. 
  • The software is based on Linux. A Software Developer Kit (SDK) enables partners and customers to implement the application as part of their complete security solution. Demo applications are also provided as Fujitsu supports partners and customers with consulting and training programs when it comes to developing.

Benefits of PalmSecure ID Match

  • Improving security and protecting cards against theft and fraud
  • Easy to use
  • Quick verification process
  • Housing with active tamper protection
  • Multi-card reader are offering universal usage
  • The SDK allows flexible solution integration and lowers end application development efforts.

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