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Security Solutions

In the modern world, hardly any company or public agency is able to exist without a functioning information technology system. Today almost all business processes and specialist assignments are electronically controlled.

The potential social damage which could be caused by the failure of IT resources has therefore increased. As IT systems themselves are not without vulnerabilities, there is great interest in protecting the data and information processed by IT and in planning, implementing and monitoring the security of IT systems.

The malfunction or failure of IT could result in:

  • Loss of availability
  • Loss of confidentiality
  • Loss of integrity (the corruption or falsification of data)

At Fujitsu, we work with customers and security providers to deliver high-tech security solutions and IT security runs throughout our entire portfolio. We comply with all security standards and have ISO 27001 certification. This means we are in ideal position to serve as a trusted partner to help you realize safe and secure IT.

IT Security for the Workplace

An evolving workplace leads to higher demands on the technology to secure corporate networks, data and services. Security solutions from Fujitsu will help your business to improve and maintain IT security for your workplace and infrastructure. Find out more about IT security for the workplace or take a look at some of our security solutions below.

Fujitsu PalmSecure PalmSecure in use

PalmSecure™ is a leading-edge authentication system using biometric technology that authenticates users on based on vein pattern recognition rather than iris scanners or fingerprint readers.

FUJITSU Technical Computing Solution GREENAGES Citywide Surveillance GREENAGES

GREENAGES Citywide Surveillance is a revolutionary new way of informative video analytics by Fujitsu's AI technology. Vehicles, people and others are recognized with physical attributes in live videos for smart city and town surveillance