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Translation EditorTranslation Editor can edit and re-translate text while displaying its translation results concurrently. The original text and the translation results are displayed in the same window so you can translate and correct the results with ease.
Application TranslationApplication Translation translates documents that have been opened by another application such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader in collaboration with those applications.
Clipboard TranslationClipboard Translation translates text copied onto the clipboard, and displays the results in a new window. It can be used with any sentences on the computer screen.
Web TranslationWeb Translation translates Japanese Web pages into English, or English Web pages into Japanese in collaboration with Internet Explorer 5.01 to 6.0. It can translate part or all of a Web page.
Translation MemoryThe results of translation and corrections produced with ATLAS can be stored as translation examples in the Translation Memory. Translation examples are used to translate similar sentences in documents such as manuals, increasing work efficiency.
Translation Memory WindowThe Translation Memory Window allows you to compare the original text to the retrieved translation memory data. Checking match conditions between translation examples stored in translation memory data and the original text, you can translate the text efficiently.
Translation Memory Conversion ToolTranslation Memory Conversion Tool can convert TMX format Translation Memory to the ATLAS format and vice versa.
Text Alignment Support ToolThe Text Alignment Support Tool can be used to store into translation memory the source and translation files created in Word or in a text editor.
In order for the accumulated translation assets to be stored in the translation memory, each original segment must first be aligned with its translated segment.
Dictionary ToolsATLAS provides Dictionary Tools to add, search and delete words and Translation Memory.
Internet UpdateYou can download and set up up-to-date dictionaries and tools for ATLAS from the ATLAS Home Page. (Japanese only)
Translation Environment ATLAS can store a combination of settings for dictionaries in use and translation style as the translation environment. As the system provides multiple sets of translation environment for different types of documents, you can select the best environment depending on the original text type and target translation document.

* Available functions differ between the English and Japanese versions.
For details, please refer to Function Differences.

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