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Putting People First

In these challenging times, people need retailers they can trust. Digital innovation remains key to achieving this vision.

Retail worker scans items whilst wearing face mask, visor and gloves

Retail in unprecedented times

Everything has changed. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a transformational impact on retailers around the world. Out of adversity, we are witnessing a new wave of ingenuity and innovation, as retailers re-focus on survival and growth.

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Employee working remotely on a laptop Employee working remotely on a laptop

Empowering employees

As ever, and in particular through these difficult times, employees remain the heart and soul of retail businesses. Enabling and motivating them to play a proactive part in creating the new normal is key to survival and growth.

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Customer shopping in store whilst wearing a face mask Customer shopping in store whilst wearing a face mask

Creating loyal customers

Customer loyalty is a complex concept, the product of numerous tangible and often intangible factors. Indeed, many consumers will have been influenced by how they perceive their familiar retail brands have adapted to the new normal.

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Wharehouse employee finding stock information on a laptop

Ongoing transformation

Transformation doesn’t end. It’s a complex and continuing journey, with changing customer tastes, global events and technology advances continually creating new challenges and opportunities at every step of the way.

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Explore your possibilities: book an online co-creation session...

We appreciate these are challenging times. The ongoing disruption has meant all retailers need to take stock, consider what has changed and how best to adapt. For sure, it has never been more important to explore new ideas, new concepts, new approaches.

So, we invite you to join one of our virtual co-creation sessions, where we deploy Fujitsu’s unique design thinking approach to help you surface practical opportunities for innovation. Innovation that can help you exploit opportunities for efficiency and growth, and progress your organization’s digital transformation journey.

These high value sessions are available globally, across all time zones. All you need is a PC and an internet connection.

For more information about Fujitsu's Co-Creating Program click here.

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