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Fujitsu Systematizes Digital Marketing Products, Solutions

FUJITSU Digital Marketing Platform CX360 supports customers' marketing innovation with Fujitsu technology and expertise

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, November 04, 2016

Fujitsu today announced that it has systematized its digital marketing-related products and solutions -- in support of services from consulting to implementation -- as FUJITSU Digital Marketing Platform CX360.

CX360 brings together Fujitsu's digital marketing technology and expertise based on its track record as the leader in market share in the IT services market for the retailing and distribution industry in Japan(1), and is comprised of three frameworks: "Solutions," providing customer-centric real-time marketing; "Teams" made up of digital marketing professionals; and a "Community" to promote co-creation with partners who provide cutting-edge technology, services and consulting.

Fujitsu strongly supports companies' marketing innovation to provide the optimal marketing approach for each of their customers, contributing to the expansion of the businesses of Fujitsu's customers.


As smart devices have proliferated rapidly in recent years, corporate marketing operations have begun to utilize digital points of contact between companies and customers.

For many companies, different organizations, such as the sales department or the customer-support department, have each been separately approaching customers as part of their operations, creating a situation where there is a lack of a uniform marketing approach across organizations. In addition, because many of the IT products and services used in digital marketing are used for specific tasks, there were issues in getting an all-around understanding of the customer at the level of the individual product, preventing company-wide implementation of optimized marketing.

Given this, a demand exists for ways to provide optimal customer-oriented marketing by designing operational processes and services that cut across organizations to improve companies' competitiveness going forward.

About the New CX360

Fujitsu has systematized its products and solutions into an approach known as "CX360," which enables optimal marketing to be conducted across organizations to each individual customer.

1. Solution CX360: Solutions to provide customer-oriented real-time marketing

This is a series of solutions centered on the eXperience Data Platform (XDP), which enables users to grasp changes in the status of individual customers in real time, and then adopt the necessary approach. Fujitsu has bundled together and systematized the products and solutions it has, until now, offered to each company individually, to meet needs common to all customers. (See also "Fujitsu Enables Real-Time Customer-Centric Marketing," press release, November 4, 2016.)

2. Team CX360: Specialists who provide one-stop support for a company's digital marketing

An approximately 100-person-strong team of specialists, centered on members who received the 2015 CRM Best Practice Award(2), and including marketing consultants, data engineers, and data curators, provides one-stop, total support for a company's digital marketing operations, offering consulting, designing, developing, and building applications and platforms, and even providing service operations and support.

Marketing consultants Provide support aimed at implementing, utilizing, and improving digital marketing through measures such as designing customer points of contact by establishing a vision and a customer journey.
Data engineers Use methods such as cloud design patterns and agile development to quickly plan, design, build, and operate systems to utilize data from both inside and outside the company for marketing.
Data curators Analyze data related to customers using statistical and mathematical methods, working out indicators useful in marketing, while also broadly supporting advanced marketing analysis, such as predicting sales and estimating customer attributes, using machine learning and AI technology.

3. Community CX360: Services and co-creation through cooperation with external partners

As the wide-ranging marketing environment surrounding digital marketing products and solutions becomes more complex, a variety of approaches and methods exist to establish marketing strategy and selection of optimal products.

Fujitsu has begun collaborating with multiple solution partners, both in and outside of Japan, which have cutting-edge technology and services, and is conducting evaluations in order to help each company select the optimal products and solutions from this wide variety of products. Fujitsu is already working together with partners in the US, such as Domo and Tealium, promoting the implementation and operational use of each company's strongest services.

Fujitsu is also building a community that, in addition to solution-partner companies, includes marketing professionals who are experts in such fields as customer journey design and user experience (UX) design. This provides an environment in which solution methods suited to a company's issues and goals can be easily created.

Future Developments

With CX360, Fujitsu is providing solutions centered on XDP and consulting that supports customers in formulating strategies, building a cycle that advances marketing through the use of AI and other technologies. This can then enable customers to integrate the wide variety of data in their operational systems, aiming to connect customer actions, preferences, and characteristics to customer-centric operational processes, thereby achieving optimized real-time customer-centric marketing across the whole company.

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  • [1] Leader in market share in the IT services market for the retailing and distribution industry in Japan

    Source: Gartner, "Market Share: IT Services 2015," Kathryn Hale et al. ,April 6, 2016, based on vendor revenue. The Gartner Report(s) described herein, (the "Gartner Report(s)") represent(s) research opinion or viewpoints published, as part of a syndicated subscription service, by Gartner, Inc. ("Gartner"), and are not representations of fact. Each Gartner Report speaks as of its original publication date (and not as of the date of this Prospectus) and the opinions expressed in the Gartner Report(s) are subject to change without notice.

  • [2] CRM Best Practices Award

    An award from the CRM Association Japan, evaluating the efforts of companies and organizations toward customer-centric management. CRM experts objectively investigate the implementation status of efforts. In 2015, Fujitsu was recognized and honored for its novel approach to understanding consumers.

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Date: 04 November, 2016
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