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Fujitsu to Deliver New Services Leveraging the World's First Business Management Platform from US-based Domo

Realizing business innovation by aggregating company-wide data in a single place to be visualized, shared and communicated

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, September 16, 2015

Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has reached an agreement with Domo, Inc. to leverage Domo's business management platform in delivering new services and value to Fujitsu's customers.

Domo offers the world's first business management platform. It provides a real-time overview of a business by aggregating all internal and external data into one location and enabling each user to have a personalized view of the data that is most important to the way they run their business.

Through this relationship, Fujitsu will integrate its services and knowhow into the Domo platform and provide it to the Japanese market. Domo already has a strong track record, signing more than a thousand US customers.

Furthermore, Fujitsu will support customers' business innovation by connecting the Domo platform to its customers' existing systems. Fujitsu will also provide new dashboards that integrate Fujitsu services, including its Data Curation Service(1), and offer support for deployment and operations.


Recently, in accordance with the globalization of the competitive environment and the maturation of the Japanese domestic market, many companies have been exploring their options for reforming or innovating, increasing the importance of rapid strategy planning and implementation. In order to speed up strategic planning, companies have been increasing their internal and external data usage; however, as each department has an independently optimized IT environment, issues have arisen, such as the time consumed by data collection and analysis and the mismatch between what is optimal for a department and what is optimal for the company as a whole.

As a solution to these issues, there is a need for a platform that can aggregate internal and external data into one place, enabling visualization of the indicators needed for management decisions, and thereby making real-time decision-making possible.

Features of the Business Management Platform

1. Flexible links between existing systems and the real-time business management platform

To facilitate real-time data utilization, Fujitsu will provide one-stop support to its customers, from service implementation to operational support, including helping them connect their existing systems to this platform and providing technological support for processing, transforming, and combining data from each department as well as outside the company.

Table: Overview of Services
Feature Description
Connect Aggregating necessary data in one place Using the hundreds of native connectors and data upload tools Domo provides, traditionally scattered data, such as from central system databases and offline data, is aggregated in one place.
Prepare Making processing, transforming, and combining data simple By using built-in data processing tools, users can easily process, transform and combine data, even without specialized knowledge.
Visualize Expressing data intuitively using various charts Users can intuitively visualize the data they need for a given purpose, using different kinds of charts and simple drag-and-drop operations.
Collaborate Enabling real-time communication while sharing data By providing a native collaboration function, communication is possible within the platform. While viewing data, relevant parties can share data while exchanging opinions, and carry out the decision-making.
Optimize Optimizing business through real-time information management This component takes in and visualizes real-time data on the continually changing state of the customer's business. It also provides alerts when pre-set thresholds are crossed. Moreover, through support for smart devices, users can check the situation and take necessary actions even while on the go.
Total Support Support from service implementation to operations Fujitsu will provide support, from consulting on key performance indicator settings and data connection policy formulation to connecting this service to customer systems, creating dashboards, and operational support.

2. An appropriate dashboard for each user

By combining the Domo platform with the FUJITSU Intelligent Data Service Data Curation Service(1) and FUJITSU Intelligent Data Service DataPlaza Social Media Analysis Tool(2), both of which find new value in data through high-level data analysis by Fujitsu's data scientists, Fujitsu will provide a dashboard that utilizes the strengths of both companies' services. This enables users to better grasp their business through not only aggregating their data in one place, but also carrying out various data analyses and displaying it in a dashboard appropriate for each user.

Fujitsu has helped many customers transform their businesses by advancing convergence services that help customers create services and develop new products, based on the newly created value from collecting, storing, and analyzing massive volumes of data to synthesize insight. By adding this real-time business management platform to existing services and solutions related to utilizing accumulated data, Fujitsu hopes to further contribute to its customers' business reforms and management transformations utilizing big data.

Statement from Domo, Inc.

Domo was founded to give CEOs and other managers direct access to the data they need to transform the way they run their business. By bringing together all the data in one place, we are helping customers make faster and better decisions. We are excited that Fujitsu, as one of Japan's leading ICT companies, will leverage its expertise, size, and strength, to help penetrate the Japanese market and bring the value of real-time data to Japanese companies.

  • [1] Data Curation Service

    A service in which curators (data scientists) with data analysis skills analyze the customer's data in order to assist with business improvements and the development of new products.

  • [2] DataPlaza Social Media Analysis Tool

    An analysis support service that provides refined analysis of public opinion via many types of social media.

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Date: 16 September, 2015
City: Tokyo
Company: Fujitsu Limited