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Fujitsu to Partner with Tealium in Digital Marketing Business

Customer data platform for an integrated, real-time approach to grasp customer behavior

Fujitsu Limited

Tokyo, September 28, 2016

Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has entered into an agreement with US-based Tealium, Inc., a leader in enterprise tag management, to collaborate in digital marketing.

Under the agreement, Fujitsu will deploy Tealium's customer data platform, which enables unified management of an enterprise's large volumes of scattered customer data, and which can link with an array of applications in real time at the individual customer level. Leveraging its expertise in building and operating business systems for different industries, Fujitsu will integrate customers' existing systems with Tealium's platform. In addition, by offering this platform together with Fujitsu's services and solutions that utilize sophisticated data analysis, enterprises can achieve greater granularity in their understanding of customer characteristics, contributing to an optimal approach based on individual customer behavior.

Fujitsu will continue to expand its initiatives in the field of digital marketing to help customers transform their businesses.


Recent years have seen websites, smartphone apps, and other digital touch points become an increasingly critical element in communications between companies and their customers. For companies to enhance their competitiveness and achieve growth, there has been a need for solutions that enables them to integrate customer-related data across channels and lines of business, and to communicate with customers in real time and in a way that is optimized for each individual.

Key Features of Tealium's Customer Data Platform

1. Integrates data at the customer level and across lines of business in real time

Information on web browsing histories, access methods, purchasing histories, and personal characteristics, which had been managed separately for each marketing tool, such as advertising distribution tools and marketing automation tools, is integrated on a per-customer level, and customer behavior and changes in circumstances can be understood and managed in a unified way in the cloud. In addition, the platform updates customer data in real time and integrates it across the entire range of marketing tools to support timely promotional programs that are tailor-made for individual customers.

2. Supports a wide variety of marketing tags

The platform supports over 1,000 marketing tags(1), which trigger services embedded into web pages and marketing tools, from a wide variety of vendors. This tag management enables both easy integration and upgrading of websites , meaning that Fujitsu customers will have lower operational workloads.

Services Provided by Fujitsu

1. Deployment consulting for more sophisticated marketing

To integrate the disparate customer data inside and outside companies and use this data in marketing, the appropriate strategy and key performance indicators are needed. Fujitsu marketing consultants, who are experts in using data, support Fujitsu customers by formulating marketing strategies, setting key performance indicators, and optimizing operations, as they use their customer data platform to integrate and improve the sophistication of their marketing efforts.

2. Execute customer outreach in real time using information on individual customer preferences and circumstances

By using the customer data platform in combination with the Consumer Preference Analysis Solution(2), which can ascertain a person's preferences based on their web-access and purchasing history, and the FUJITSU Intelligent Data Service Data Curation Service(3), which offers advanced data-analysis services from Fujitsu's data scientists, the understanding of each customer's preferences is optimized, thereby supporting customer outreach that is informed with a clear grasp of each customer's circumstances. For example, by combining customer information with product information that includes the features and attributes of products purchased or viewed, based on the customer's web-behavior data and purchasing history, and conducting analysis, Fujitsu customers can approach their customers based on an individual customer's preferences. Likewise, in subscription services, for customers who are showing signs of canceling their subscriptions, the services can propose sales promotions or campaign programs in real time in accordance with customers' activities before they cancel their subscriptions.

3. Smooth integration with enterprise systems

Consolidating per-customer data requires smooth system coordination with each type of enterprise system, including the web, CRM, and sales management systems. With systems integration handled by Fujitsu's system engineers and data engineers, Fujitsu supports data integration and launching of customer-centric marketing platforms quickly.

Comment from Andy Clark, Asia Pacific General Manager, Tealium, Inc.

More than just tags, Tealium brings together an array of customer data existing in digital marketing solutions, sales management systems, and data warehouses, creating a single individual customer profile for services that support optimized communications with customers in real time.

In establishing this collaborative relationship with Fujitsu, which already possesses a wealth of expertise and experience in data warehouse integration, systems integration, and advanced data analysis, we look forward to growing our business in the expanding market of Japan.

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  • [1] Marketing tag

    A script code on a website for referencing outside websites and executing outside tools.

  • [2] Consumer Preference Analysis Solution

    A service used for analyzing consumer preferences for marketing activities.

  • [3] FUJITSU Intelligent Data Service Data Curation Services

    Services in which “curators,” (data scientists) skilled at analyzing data, perform an analysis of data held by customers to support business improvements or the development of new products.

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Date: 28 September, 2016
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