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Concerning Response to Coronavirus COVID19

April 08, 2020

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, Fujitsu has taken decisive action to ensure the safety of its customers, its partners, its employees, and their families to prevent infection and the spread of the virus, and prepare implementation of contingency plans for business continuity. Fujitsu will continue to provide products and services to our customers while proceeding with initiatives that contribute to the amelioration of various social issues arising from the spread of infection, always prioritizing the health and safety of our customers, our partners, our employees, and their families.

At present, Fujitsu is taking the actions described below, and will continue to adapt this approach in accordance with the latest situation as appropriate. We ask for the understanding of all concerned.

1.Basic Policy

The Core Group Companies shall plan and implement countermeasures against infectious diseases based on the following principles, and shall endeavor to prevent infection and to mitigate the spread of the virus. At the same time, we shall maintain continuity of important business and continue to fulfill our social responsibilities even during the period of infection.

  • Fujitsu will prioritize the safety of the lives of its customers, its partners, its employees, their families, and the community.
  • In the initial stage of outbreak, Fujitsu will implement measures in concert with the relevant monitoring authorities and administrative authorities to minimize secondary infection.
  • After the initial outbreak of infection, Fujitsu will strive to maintain its social function and contribute to the business continuity of our customers, in accordance with business continuity plans for each business.

Furthermore, on April 7, 2020, following the issuance of the Declaration of the State of Emergency by the Government of Japan, President Takahito Tokita sent a message to all Fujitsu Group employees globally reiterating our basic policy and announcing his intent to further reinforce existing measures. (Please refer to the notification "With Respect to the State of Emergency Declaration from the Japanese Government " issued by Fujitsu Limited on April 8, 2020.)

2.Main measures to prevent infection and reduce the risk of spreading of the virus

  1. Fujitsu will strongly encourage a variety of flexible working styles, including telecommuting at home, satellite work at offices near home, and staggered working hours using the flextime system.
  2. If an employee shows symptoms of a cold, such as a fever, or if infection or close contact is confirmed with the employee or family members living with the employee, they will not be permitted to come to the office (either through use of telework or vacation time).
  3. For internal meetings and events (refer to footnote) hosted by the Company that are attended by many people or that involve business trips, the Company will reevaluate these plans, and consider alternatives including postponing such events or switching to web conferences and delivery of web content.
  4. Hiring activities will be conducted through virtual interviews or web-based contents.
  5. Training for newly hired employees is planned to be delivered through the use of on demand learning platform, as well as through remote attendance of virtual classes.
  6. In principle, overseas business trips are prohibited until further notice.
  7. In accordance with the Business Continuity Plan, health screenings will be conducted at data centers and other facilities upon entry.

3.Initiatives that contribute to solve various social issues arising from the spread of the virus

*Please refer to for information on the Group's initiatives.

Note: In lieu of the normally scheduled Fujitsu Forum Event held on site at the Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho each May, Fujitsu is planning to conduct a virtual event this year. Details will be shared separately at a later date.