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Universal Design

Fujitsu's Vision of Universal Design

Fujitsu is striving towards universal designs aimed at realizing an ICT society that everyone can take part in.
We will develop and deliver products and services that are easy for everyone to use and enable more people to participate in society.

Fujitsu's Vision of Universal Designsociety in which everyone can participate. In order to achieve this, thereare two important points. The first is to make the products and services themselves easy to use. The second is the provision of products and servicesthat help more people participate in society.

Fujitsu's Coporate Vision. Through our constant pursuit of innovation, the Fujitsu Group aims to contribute to the creation of a networked society that is rewarding and secure, bringing about a prosperous future that fulfills the dreams of people throughout the world.

Five aspects of ICT Universal Design

When we design products and services, we keep these five aspects in mind, and adapt flexibly to diverse people and situations, without preconceptions.

Aiding the five senses

We aid the five senses and offer diverse usage methods, so that differences in senses such as vision and hearing do not restrict the use of products and services.

Reducing physical stress

We design dimensions, layouts, and operation methods to allow low-strain usage for all, regardless of physical abilities such as stature, strength, mobility, posture, and wheelchair use.

Caring about experience and culture

We present information using expressions that can be clearly understood by users of diverse personal experiences and cultural backgrounds.

Ensuring availability

We consider time and place, weather, the individual user, surrounding conditions, and other aspects, and adapt to changing conditions.

Maximizing usability

We pursue greater usability, to raise levels of safety, sense of security, effectiveness, sfficiency, and satisfaction.