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Fujitsu Design is responsible for designing all Fujitsu products ranging from personal devices, such as PCs and smartphones, to social and public systems such as automatic teller machines (ATMs). We strive to develop product design that brings customers a feeling of joy and affinity for owning Fujitsu products, with the ease of use for each of our diverse range of customers being a fundamental quality of our products.

1.Smartphone / Raku-Raku smartphone F-12D  2.Advanced design with special attention to UI and material  3.Notebook PC / LIFEBOOK UH Series  4.ATM for in-store services / FACT-V XCD  5.Smartphone / ARROWS A 201F  6.Global POS terminal / TeamPoS 7000 A Series


Fujitsu Design offers all customers stability and reliability through platforms that serve as infrastructure connecting products and services, such as servers, storage and other devices, billing and authentication systems, and core software used by diverse types of businesses.

1.Design of Biometric authentication  2.On-demand virtual system service / FGCP/S5  3.Supercomputer / PRIMEHPC FX10  4.Storage system for virtualization environment / ETERNUS VX700 Series  5.PC server / PRIMERGY RX350


Through our services, various issues and challenges of customers are translated into visual forms to find solutions from a design perspective.
In addition to improving hardware and software, we go further and improve the ways to use of such hardware and software and even the design of the spaces in which they are used. This is the most advanced area of design where design contributes to customers addressing their challenges by the use of ICT.

1.Proposal for enhanced work styles with the use of smart devices  2.Workshop that translates implicit knowledge into explicit knowledge  3.My Cloud service that handles various personal and household data  4.SPATIOWL service that handles various big data in society  5.Environmental solution energy management system

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