We will strive to provide this safe and secure system to a greater number of households. The research that Fujitsu will continue to carry out will result in an even better array of services.

President Shiro Hamano, Yokohama City Housing Development Public Corporation
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Yokohama City Housing Development Corporation

Yokohama JKK has implemented Fujitsu UBIQUITOUSWARE to monitor the health and safety of elderly residents.


Yokohama City Housing Development Public Corporation (Yokohama JKK) was established in 1966. Yokohama JKK aims to provide safe, secure and high quality housing and town planning. One of the current issues facing Yokohama JKK is the aging population of its residents and the need to maintain a safe lifestyle for them.


Increasing numbers of elderly people are living alone. Monitoring services can help with health and safety issues but there are privacy concerns from residents that have hindered adoption.


The Fujitsu UBIQUITOUSWARE Monitoring Solutions for Residents relies on unique accoustic analysis technology that allows the health and safety of residents to be monitored while addressing privacy concerns.


  • Unique acoustic analysis technology ensures emergency assistance to elderly residents while guaranteeing privacy
  • Two way communication ensures high acceptance rates by residents
  • Enables the creation of added value rental properties that provide monitoring of the health and well being of residents

Download Full Case Study PDF

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