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Spain National board of patents and registration of Finland to get an archiving solution from Fujitsu as a service

agosto 29, 2008

National board of patents and registration of Finland (NBPR) and Fujitsu Services Oy have entered into a service agreement on an electronic archiving solution. The solution is built on EMC Documentum technology and will be implemented as a service for the Enterprises and Corporations Line (YYL).

The archive project, named Sako, is part of a wider Novus project. The aim of the project is to migrate the functionality of YYL's systems to a new overall system that is built on a flexible and up-to-date service architecture.

"Making procurements as a service is something rather new to us but it is easier than the traditional way of managing and building everything by ourselves. In particular now, having a massive electronic services project in process, a part of which the Sako project is. Also, Sako deals with a distinctive operational area which makes it easier to implement as an individual project", says deputy director Ulla-Maija Sarkkinen of NBPR.

"We conducted competitive bidding specifically on overall service. Fujitsu's solution was the most economical for us and it addressed our needs right to the point", Sarkkinen continues.

YYL is responsible for posting and changing business information in the trade register. In addition, it is the publisher of the financial statements of businesses; it maintains the register of foundations and controls the administration of foundations.

The Sako archive has approximately 400 users within NBPR. The archive receives some 200,000 searches per year, and each year 700,000 new documents are posted in the archive.

Fujitsu is in the process of implementing numerous similar projects concerning electronic services at the moment.

"We have solid experience and insight in electronic services and we lean confidently on our expertise. Our references include an electronic patient record system we implemented on an assignment by KELA (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland), which is also built on EMC Documentum", says director of services Esko Horelli.

About Fujitsu Services

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Ulla-Maija Sarkkinen

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Deputy Director

Esko Horelli

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Director of Services

Date: 29 agosto, 2008