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Spain Fujitsu to implement IDM solution for Finnish parliament

septiembre 02, 2008

ICT services supplier Fujitsu Services Oy implements an identity management (IDM) solution to the Finnish parliament. The IDM solution will be used for managing the personnel information, user id's and access rights of the 1,200 people working in the parliament.

The data is centralised but widely accessible for various information systems, e.g. access control. All in all, there are some hundred information systems that will have access to the data in the IDM solution.

"We decided to purchase the IDM solution because we believe that it will substantially reduce duplication of effort in maintaining our user and personnel information. According to our estimation we will save approximately 200 staff days per year with the system fully up and running", the Parliament's CIO Juha Suomalainen says.

The solution will be built on IDM by Sun. IDM functions as the compiler, a repository and a distributor of data when transferring selected data from one system to another. Users have access to certain applications or to certain restricted parts of them.

The first phase of the system will be deployed by the end of this year and the entire system within five years.

About Fujitsu Services

Fujitsu Services is a leading European information technology services company. Its business is helping its customers realise the value of information technology through the application of consulting, systems integration and managed service contracts. It serves customers in the private and public sectors across Europe including retail, financial services, healthcare and government. With an annual turnover of £2.56 billion (€3.22 billion), it employs over 21,000 people across 20 countries. Headquartered in London, Fujitsu Services is the European IT services arm of the US$53 billion (€32.9 billion) Fujitsu Group. Visit or for more information.

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Date: 02 septiembre, 2008