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Spain Fujitsu installs cash management solution at BES

mayo 23, 2008

Fujitsu Services, a leader of enterprise IT services in Europe, was the supplier chosen by Banco Espirito Santo (BES) for the integration of new recyclers at the bank’s counters. The new equipments of cash management are being implemented at the 150 BES counters that, at present, show the highest number of cash transactions. The new generation of Fujitsu recyclers allows BES to reduce cash operation costs through the automation of the process. As direct benefits, there is less waste of time with the balancing accounts at the end of the day, faster training of counter operators, minimizing of human errors and improvement in customer service levels. Fujitsu’s recyclers guarantee dynamic and constant cash management, more flexibility when loading cash in ATMs and, consequently, a reduction in the number of trips by securities transport fleets.

Also, a monitoring solution was developed by Fujitsu’s Portuguese team that will be used in Spain and Italy, too. Besides providing all the required statistics and reports, this tool allows real time on-line access to information regarding the status of the machines (alerts concerning the need for maintenance, for instance), machine’s data in a format ready for use and determines the total amount of cash available in the whole park of recyclers, for example.

According to Paul Santos, Adjunct Director of the Executive Department of Operations of BES “The installation of the Fujitsu Recyclers allowed BES to reinforce the politics of cash recirculation and compliance with the present guidelines regarding the certification of bank notes. The platform of remote equipment monitoring means an additional value for BES because it is an innovative solution and a basic asset for the efficient management of such equipments."

For Paul Ferreira, Head of the Bank’s Unit of Fujitsu Services, “This project is very important to Fujitsu, which has already a 20-year-old history in the introduction of new technologies in the top Portuguese financial institutions. This solution of cash management represented an additional challenge, because it involved the local development of monitoring and resource agilization tools that will be exported now to Spain and Italy”.

Strong points of the new recyclers
Following the directives of ECB (European Central Bank), and subsequent Bank of Portugal’s circular nº 9/2005/DET, a single area of recirculation and distribution of notes in the euro area was established, with the main missions of detecting counterfeit Euro bank notes and checking their quality by credit institutions and other professionals who operate with them.

To implement the several necessary measures to protect Euro notes against counterfeiting (involving the detection and removal of circulation of the counterfeited Euro notes), the credit institutions and other entities that operate professionally with cash must adopt equipments duly certified by Bank of Portugal for the processing of notes used for recirculation.

The alterations the bank counters have been going through promote the use of efficient bank note dispenser / recycler equipments which, when integrated with the furnishings of the new counters and with the corresponding security measures, will carry out the functions of accepting / dispensing and control of cash, freeing the employees of these functions so that they can orient their work to the management of accounts and the sale of new products. A cash recycler allows time and money savings, since the opening of the counter in the morning and its closing at the end of the day are processed automatically, permitting considerable savings due to the minimization of these activities. These savings justifies the investment in note recyclers.

Sobre a Fujitsu Services

A Fujitsu Services é uma das empresas de serviços de Tecnologia de Informação líder na Europa, Médio Oriente e África. O resultado anual é de €3.3 mil milhões, emprega 18.000 pessoas e opera em mais de 20 países. Desenha, desenvolve e opera sistemas de tecnologias de informação e serviços para clientes nos serviços financeiros, telecomunicações, retalho, utilities e mercados governamentais. As suas competências chave são o fornecimento de gestão de infra-estrutura de Tecnologias de Informação e outsourcing através de ambientes de desktop, redes e centros de dados, juntamente com uma gama completa de serviços relacionados, desde consultoria até à integração e desenvolvimento. Com sede em Londres, a Fujitsu Services é braço europeu de serviços de Tecnologias de Informação da Fujitsu. O Grupo Fujitsu, com receitas de €33.4 mil milhões, é líder em sistemas de Tecnologias de Informação orientados para o cliente e serviços para o mercado global. O site da Fujitsu Services:

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Date: 23 mayo, 2008