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New Fujitsu Framework Sholark Accelerates Transformation of Business Processes with AI and Data Analytics

Fujitsu EMEIA

News facts:
  • Fujitsu’s new AI and data analytics framework Sholark accelerates the deployment of sophisticated intelligent solutions to automate business processes and deliver insights from unstructured data
  • The new framework presents significant opportunities for legal discovery, analysis of potential security threats and support for medical diagnoses
  • The user-friendly interface allows even non-technical employees to easily extract insights from multiple data sources
Munich, November 06, 2018 – Fujitsu is making it easier for businesses to accelerate their digital transformation processes by connecting artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and business decision making using its powerful new Sholark framework. This framework significantly accelerates the deployment of complex AI projects1, and its ease of use means that even non-technical employees can leverage it to support decision making.
A powerful assistive tool, Fujitsu Sholark bridges the gap between data and the end user. Users can easily query the system via its user-friendly web-based interface, enabling the mainstream use of AI, and allowing non-technical employees to answer complex questions related to their businesses2. It also simplifies the automation of information management tasks that are repetitive, lengthy and add little value, for example the time consuming and tedious elements of data entry.
The Sholark framework processes large volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in real time – including multiple different sources from social networks, to databases, voice, video or images. It can also be used to easily deploy machine learning to intelligently automate processes, and utilizes semantic intelligence capabilities to find connections and to deliver meaningful insights to support decision making.
Use cases
The legal profession is an example of a use case where Sholark could be used to improve the efficiency of the discovery process traditionally undertaken by lawyers. Automating tasks results in a 60 percent decrease in time required to manually classify and search results. The technology can also be deployed to speed up crime and threat investigation, by the automatic collection of unstructured information such as internal and external data sources including police records or important public events – both accelerating investigations and improving their accuracy. By using Sholark, police forces can increase the number of simultaneous investigations by more than 40 percent without increasing manpower. Healthcare is another potential application, as Sholark incorporates HIKARI technologies developed by Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe to process patient records, assisting doctors to answer relevant clinical questions about their patients3.
Businesses want to retain control over data analytics processes and to have full visibility over them – consequently Fujitsu Sholark is based on open source technologies. It is also designed to be modular, enabling customers to include additional open source capabilities, depending on their requirements. Furthermore, the solution can be easily integrated with existing software or connected with legacy data warehouse systems.
Albert Mercadal, Head of Advanced Analytics and Big Data at Fujitsu in EMEIA, comments: “The true power of Sholark is that – unlike most types of artificial intelligence – it does not require expert users. Any employee can learn to operate it and discover links between unrelated sources of information. It can recognize context and make intelligent connections from content far faster and more effectively than any manual process. This eliminates time consuming and tedious elements of data entry – and accelerates discovery of the most relevant information. As a result, businesses can focus more time on value adding tasks, or can undertake many more daily operations tasks in the same amount of time.”
Pricing and availability
The Fujitsu Sholark artificial intelligence and data analytics framework is available immediately to customers in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa, directly from Fujitsu. Pricing varies depending on country and configuration.
Notes to editors
1The Fujitsu Sholark framework allows complex AI systems to be delivered within months instead of years. Projects are typically handled within Fujitsu’s co-creation process that sees Fujitsu experts work alongside customers to define business challenges and to devise the most appropriate solution.
2Thanks to its modularity, Fujitsu Sholark can be easily adapted to the specific needs of different businesses, data volumes and sources. The application follows strict security standards that guarantee the protection of the data and is able to integrate with the existing customer’s authentications and authorization mechanisms. Furthermore, Sholark can be deployed on public/private clouds or in traditional on-premises environments.
3Press release: Fujitsu’s Human-Centric AI Helps Enable Faster, Improved Clinical Decision-Making

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Date: 06 November, 2018
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