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Fujitsu Drives Process Optimization for Customers with New Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence

Fujitsu EMEIA

News facts:
  • Fujitsu establishing a new European Center of Excellence (CoE) for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)n
  • CoE to develop technologies and processes for Fujitsu customers in EMEIA
  • Deployment approach involves collaborating with customers to co-create RPA solutions that are fully integrated with existing processes
Copenhagen, April 26, 2017 – Fujitsu is establishing a new European Center of Excellence (CoE) for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), managed from Fujitsu offices in Copenhagen, Denmark. The CoE will spearhead the development of new services to accurately handle repetitive tasks, identify and resolve hidden process bottlenecks, and optimize processes, helping Fujitsu customers to accelerate their digital transformation by leveraging robotic automation to perform everyday administrative tasks in areas such as customer support, human resources and accounting.
RPA uses software robots with or without artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced machine learning capabilities to manage high-volume, repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing up human resource capital to focus on creative work. RPA is commonly applied in administration and reporting, customer support functions, updating databases, and the digitalization of services in general. For example, a robot can not only update massive volumes of data without errors, in a fraction of the time it would take a human to perform, but also can do so without interruption, 24 hours a day, and without the risk of human error often associated with this work. This boosts productivity and increases satisfaction among employees, since they are able to spend more time on tasks they find interesting and where they can provide a value add.
Bjarne Rasmussen, Manager Application Management at Fujitsu in EMEIA, comments: “We’ve already seen the benefits that software robots and virtual assistants bring, but we are only beginning to access the true potential of robotic process automation. New use cases are constantly emerging and the new Fujitsu RPA Center of Excellence will allow us to explore these opportunities to develop and share best practices with our customers. Successful deployment of RPA isn’t about standalone technology projects – we are working alongside our customers to co-create RPA solutions that integrate into existing processes and therefore contribute to digital transformation projects.”
Today, artificial intelligence and robotics are key parts of the fourth wave of digitalization. In line with its vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society, Fujitsu is helping its customers to leverage new digital technologies that enhance work tasks that people are doing. Fujitsu’s RPA CoE will enable customers to accelerate pilot projects and move to full deployments that take advantage of RPA’s ability to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Working in tandem with customers to co-create new RPA services, the Fujitsu CoE team will ensure that these initiatives support specific business objectives, and fit into wider digitalization projects.
RPA has great potential to be applied across all industries and functions. It can be deployed without any need to overhaul entire IT systems, and implemented as needed to address specific tasks, such as automatically processing transactions, manipulating data or communicating with other systems. To facilitate customers’ deployment of RPA capabilities, Fujitsu’s CoE for Robotic Process Automation is developing a full portfolio of software and services that, in the near future, can be combined with existing artificial intelligence capabilities, and delivered via the Fujitsu Cloud Service K5.

Pilot project at the Hospital District of Southern Ostrobothnia in Finland
Recently, this new European RPA CoE launched a pilot project at the Hospital District of Southern Ostrobothnia in Finland. By automating the capture of preliminary information when patients arrive, employees have more time available to focus on patient care. The automated form gathers basic information about the patient, and tentatively establishes the reason for their visit. The form is dynamic, which means that information requested depends on the nature of the patient’s visit.

Teemu Haukilehto, IT architect at the Hospital District of Southern Ostrobothnia, says: “So far we have enjoyed impressive results with the pilot. For example, the Eye Clinic at the Hospital of Seinäjoki, one of the institutions participating in the pilot, welcomes 20,200 patients every year. According to our calculations, RPA is already saving 33 minutes of work time every day. As soon as the full system is rolled out to the 30 outpatient units, which receive a total of 260,000 annual visitors, we expect the potential time saved to be in the region of 109,200 minutes per year.”
Fujitsu’s RPA solutions can be delivered both on premise and via a Software as a Service model, incorporating all services needed to rapidly deploy RPA. Fujitsu utilizes the Xpressway framework to offer RPA service delivery, helping overcome the technical challenges of scaling RPA solutions. Deployments are jointly planned with customers, then implemented and managed end-to-end by Fujitsu, including monitoring, updating and provisioning of automated tasks.
Pricing and availability
Fujitsu’s RPA solutions are available in EMEIA from May 2017 directly from Fujitsu and through Fujitsu’s partners. Pricing depends on configuration and region.

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Date: 26 April, 2017
City: Copenhagen