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cloud-laptop Desktop Virtualisation Driven by a need for a more flexible and lower cost desktop computing environment to meet changing business demands, a growing number of organisations are embracing virtual desktop services.

CBR and FujitsuOpen a new window Jason Stamper talks to two Fujitsu experts - Glenn Fitzgerald, Design and Development Director, and Darren Ratcliffe, Principal Customer Solution Architect - about the benefits of cloud computing.

Infrastructure as a Service Infrastructure as a Service is the corner stone in Fujitsu’s cloud services. IaaS provides the flexibility and cost effectiveness much anticipated by business and crucially delivers the security, resilience and performance required for live business systems hosting. Watch the short trailer or watch the full 9 minute video.

CIO Magazine Editor in Chief interviews Fujitsu CIO and CTOOpen a new window ( Martin Veitch, Editor in Chief of CIO Magazine interviews Fujitsu CIO and CTO David Smith on the uncertainties and issues around enterprise cloud computing, or Infrastructure-as-a-service.

I: Global Intelligence for the CIO

Cloud Computing Resource Centre on
All the latest information and resources on how Infrastructure-as-a-Service will drive down costs and increase the flexibility of organisational IT.

Innovation: Government as a ServiceOpen a new window
G-clouds could save money and boost efficiency – but security is still paramount.

Strategic Focus: Cloud Rights and ResponsibilitiesOpen a new window
Stronger customer guarantees are needed if cloud computing is to attract corporate customers – that’s the view of Gartner’s Global IT Council for Cloud Services.

Innovation: Opening up cloud gateways
How will different cloud services work seamlessly together?

The Big Interview: Cloud dimensions
Marc Benioff, CEO of and software-as-a-service pioneer, on the new world order of cloud computing

Innovation: The Path to Cloud
How should companies stage their strategic journey to cloud computing?

Legal I: What happens when your cloud supplier fails? Losing data in the cloud is a nightmare scenario for CIOs - so check out your provider carefully

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The Twitter Cloud Zone
Follow us and debate the latest issues in our Cloud Zone community. Cloud Zone also presents the latest Enterprise Cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service news and opinion moderated by CIO UK reporters.

Opening the Cloud Kimono
Darren Ratcliffe shares his insights into Fujitsu and cloud computing.

  • United Kingdom , Industry: IT Industry
    Fujitsu IaaS Case Study

    Fujitsu now uses its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) trusted cloud service to host its business systems on a shared infrastructure with the security, resilience and performance required for live business systems hosting. Tags:

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  • United Kingdom , Industry: Government
    HM Revenue & Customs: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    Aspire is responsible for providing IT Services for every HMRC department and is constantly exploring new ways of minimising costs while boosting productivity. Fujitsu is the Aspire infrastructure partner. Tags:

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  • Seeing Through the Fog of Cloud Services

    The continued confusion around key aspects of cloud services is holding many organisations back from embracing the new model. This is particularly frustrating for many, as IT organisations – like other business functions – are under intense pressure to identify approaches that will simultaneously lower costs and improve agility and productivity.