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LifeBook P7120: Developers' Stories (Vol. 1)

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The new LifeBook P7120 is designed for enhanced mobility. Successor to the award-winning LifeBook P7120, this compact personal companion retains all the multimedia features of its predecessor, except that it flaunts an even slimmer silhouette with weight of 1.38kg. Here are some insights on its development.

Vol. 1

Vol. 1 It is designed to be slimmer and lighter, with longer operating hours!

It is designed to be slimmer and lighter, with longer operating hours!

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Vol. 3

Vol. 4

Vol. 1 The LifeBook P7120 is designed to be SLIMMER & LIGHTER, with longer operating hours!Kazuhiro Igarashi, General Manager, Personal Business Group

Q.1 This new LifeBook P7120 looks very compact and fashionable!

The LifeBook P7120 is very compact, yet the concept of basic usability as a notebook PC is not compromised in any way. This "no compromise" approach means that the compact form factor is achieved without sacrificing key pitch, battery capacity, or our Mobile Multi-Bay Device which are the hall marks of our mobile PCs.

* What is "Mobile Multi-Bay Device"? 
This structure allows the bay to be changed according to the purpose of usage. Besides the DVD drive, which is standard equipment, the bay can be changed to the weight saver for lighter weight and portability. If the user desires to use LifeBook P7120 outdoors for a long time, operation time can be extended for up to approximately 11.3 hours by attaching an additional battery unit (optional).

Q.2 So, the basic usability is still assured, even though the new LifeBook P7120 is more compact.

The predecessor model - LifeBook P7010 received positive feedback as a multimedia personal companion, due to its Dual Layer DVD Super Multi Writer and SuperFine screen. When the new model was being developed, two directions were studied. First was the further enhancements of the AV functions and second, enhanced mobility to achieve an even slimmer and lighter form factor. After a thorough in-house discussion and deliberation, we decided to focus on enhanced mobility for this model.

Q.3 Why was the focus on mobility this time?

This was because we strongly hope that users would always carry the LifeBook P7120 with them. We realized that further enhancement of mobility is essential to make LifeBook P7120 a personal companion for anytime, anywhere computing. So, we decided to create a more compact, slimmer, lighter and more stylish model that still bears the features of the previous model - excellent AV functions. In fact, another model that was positioned just between the previous model and this was under development. After several discussions, however, we came to the conclusion that users would seek better mobility. So we concentrated on a far smaller, lighter and thinner design, and engaged the entire design team in the development of this model. We believe that we have succeeded in providing the best design possible to our customers.

Q.4 I wonder if anything was compromised by pursuing the smaller and lighter design.

Nothing was compromised. We aimed for a smaller and lighter model but still fully equipped with functions equivalent to the previous model. For example, the previous model has a speaker in the centre to provide excellent quality sound. However, it is hard to make the PC lighter if the speaker is located in the centre. As a solution, we installed the speaker on LifeBook P7120 at the back of the LCD, and succeeded in not compromising on the sound quality. We are glad that the result is excellent.

Q.5 Battery life is a big concern when we want to enjoy AV functions outdoors.

Basically, thin shape and lightweight versus long battery life has a contradictory relationship. It is very tough to have both features without new technology or a breakthrough in innovation. A wide variety of the latest technology is incorporated into the new LifeBook P7120 to enhance mobility. Such technology includes: a LED* backlight LCD developed in collaboration with Japan's top LCD manufacturer, technology to make the motherboard smaller by 20% or more by narrowing the chip mounting space, a lighter DVD drive, and power-saving utility for efficient power usage. The new LifeBook P7120 was developed through combining these great technologies.

*LED is an abbreviation for "Light Emitting Diode" and is a type of semiconductor element.

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