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Welcome to the Fujitsu Hong Kong SELECT Partner Program

Understanding. Commitment. Cooperation. These are all key attributes of a strong, successful partnership. And that's why they are the driving force behind the new Fujitsu Hong Kong SELECT Partner Program.

Select Partner

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Delivering value

The SELECT Partner Program has been designed to deliver real value to resellers. It’s based on reliable support, open communication and a mutual commitment to growth. In particular, the program offers you the opportunity for:

Close cooperation
with a supplier who is 100% committed to the reseller channel – Fujitsu Hong Kong’s success is depending upon yours, so your best interests are at the heart of the partnership.

Increased customer satisfaction
through easily identifiable, proven expertise and enhanced confidence in Fujitsu Hong Kong solutions.

Enhanced skills
via exclusive access to expert knowledge and valuable resources, enabling solution delivery of Fujitsu Hong Kong to end users.

More profitable business
from increased sales, and a range of benefits and incentive opportunities